Random Quotations – Progressivism – Oct. 15th, 2018.

Five items in total…

“A calculating Feinstein came into privileged information about Kavanaugh and didn’t tell anybody. She kept Ford’s accusation letter secret until she could do the most political damage, apparently leaking it at a critical moment during the nomination process. The timing reeked of political sabotage… To her, the information was a political tool – and so was the alleged rape victim who brought forth the testimony… Feinstein squeezed every advantage out of her until there was nothing left.” – Raymond Ayas, “The rape of the Me Too movement” – The Post Millennial, Oct. 8th, 2018.

“I heard on the radio the other day an activist encouraging listeners not to use the term ‘homeless’ – which she thought was derogatory and unkind. Instead, this activist urged the audience to call homeless people our ‘outdoor neighbours’.” – Candice Malcolm, “More and more people are saying no to the PC mob” – Toronto Sun, Oct. 12th, 2018. (You can read this excellent article here.)

“I fear that Hillary’s defeat, and the arrival of the fanatical Trump, mark the true end of the American empire. You can understand why Aline and I are so happy to have the Clintons as friends, and almost as proud to be removed as far as possible from the unspeakable Donald Trump.” – Former PM Jean Chretien, quoted by Cdn. Press in “Jean Chretien says rise of ’unspeakable’ Donald Trump marks end of the American empire” – National Post. Oct. 9th, 2018.

“Leftist anti-Trump protesters have started a bizarre trend where they tell each other not to speak to media outlets that could be seen as right-leaning… One protester leans in and tells another ‘don’t speak to them, they’re Breitbart’ in reference to Infowars reporter Millie Weaver… One may wonder, what the point of protesting is if you’re not trying to get a message out to a variety of platforms.” – Millie Weaver, “Bizarre liberal cult behaviour on display” – Infowars.com, Oct. 12th, 2018.

“Spearheaded by prominent Southern Baptists, including Dr. Steve Gaines, President of the Southern Baptist Convention; Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina; and controversial Baptist Russell Moore, the group urged President Trump to condemn the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ movement, racism, and ‘white nationalism.’ Co-signed initially by thirty-nine leaders of American Evangelical Protestantism, an equal number had, by October 3 of that year, added their endorsements, as well.” – Boyd D. Cathey, “White supremacy, egalitarianism, and the collapse of Christianity” – The Unz Review, Oct. 12th, 2018.