Power to The People’s Party of Canada!

Letter “Power To The People” (Toronto Sun, Oct. 28th, 2018)

“Re ‘An open letter to Canadians on why we need change’ (Andrew Scheer, Oct. 21): Nowhere in all 950 words of his ‘open letter’ does Scheer address the issue of immigration, thus failing to address an issue which will cause him considerable grief in the next election. Our political parties have ignored this issue for years, and Canadians’ concerns regarding the need to address both quality and quantity in immigration have been ignored. Our political parties are in fierce competition to import and retain the ‘immigrant vote,’ and our foreign policy and foreign aid decisions are often determined by domestic political considerations rather than by Canada’s best interests. Maxime Bernier’s statements on immigration and multiculturalism offer hope for a reversal, and I believe that the ‘People’s Party’ could hold the balance of power after the next election.” – Jeff Goodall, Oshawa.

(It is never a good idea to count anyone out from any election because anything can happen. Both Scheer and Bernier should be holding Trudeau accountable for his government’s lack of planning for settling the influx of immigrants)

I think it is very important to give Maxime Bernier every possible positive exposure, and this is one of several letters I have had published on this issue.
One technical issue I didn’t catch is the use of the word “address” twice in the first sentence. I should have used the word “mention” in the first instance.
The Sun’s response is not particularly helpful, as usual…
Holding the balance of power is a realistic objective for the “People’s Party” and should be vigorously pursued.

Jeff Goodall.

You can see the letter here.