Random Quotations – Islam – Nov. 5th, 2018

Seven items in total…

“Now, Bibi may be targeted for assassination when she is released. Islamists have placed a bounty on her head of 50 million rupees ($375,000). Salman Taseer, a brave Muslim who was governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, was murdered just for expressing support for her. Pakistan’s federal Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, was also murdered for defending Bibi… Lawyers defending Christians and others accused of blasphemy are sometimes murdered as well.” – Giulio Meotti, “Pakistan: Asia Bibi acquitted after years awaiting death for blasphemy” – Gatestone Institute, Oct. 31st, 2018.

“In reality, Islamic law’s political aspects contradict Constitutional principles and American freedoms in numerous particulars, including its denial of the freedom of speech, the institutionalized discrimination against women, non-Muslims, and other groups, its death penalty for apostasy from Islam and for homosexual activity, and more. At a certain point there is going to have to be a national discussion about whether religious freedom grants Muslims the right to break other laws, or whether the aspects of Sharia that contradict American law are unwelcome in the United States.” – Robert Spencer, “New York Times hits disturbing trend of seeing Islam as not a religion” – Jihad watch, Sept. 27th, 2018.

“Hard line groups are ‘weaponising’ Islamophobia and ‘cynically’ using human rights to promote their ideology, the Government’s new counter-extremism tsar has warned… Sara Khan said that Islamist groups accuse their critics of being anti-Muslim, in an attempt to undermine ‘legitimate debate’ about extremism… ‘Groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir, for example – who traditionally rally against what they perceive to be western human rights – increasingly and cynically use human rights to promote Islamist ideology,’ Ms Khan said….” – Daily Telegraph, quoted by Robert Spencer in “UK’s ‘counter-extremism tsar’ warns that jihad groups ‘cynically’ use ‘Islamophobia’ charges as weapon” – Jihad Watch, Sept. 26th, 2018.

“Mr. Hamdan identified infrastructure in Canada which could be targets for attack. He encouraged lone wolves in the West who could not travel abroad to carry out attacks at home… He shared a detailed how-to manual for lone wolves to follow in serving the terrorist agenda of the Islamic State. Additionally, many posts appear to be recruitment initiatives.” – Extract from Immigration and Refugee Board ruling quoted by Stewart Bell in “Refugee board orders deportation of ISIS supporter who targeted Ontario bridge” – Global News, Oct. 26th, 2018.

“A gang of seven men have been found guilty of exploiting and sexually abusing girls in South Yorkshire… The offences were committed against five girls under 16 in the Rotherham area between 1998 and 2005… The defendants found guilty are: Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, Nabeel Kurshid, Iqbal Yousaf, Tanweer Ali, Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, Asif Ali and a seventh defendant who cannot be named for legal reasons.” – Sarah Marshall, “Gang of seven men guilty of grooming and sexually abusing girls in South Yorkshire” – Yorkshire Evening Post, Oct. 29th, 2018.

“Those Europeans who defend mass, unfettered immigration in the name of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ are ignoring the nature of the Muslim-majority countries from which the immigrants hail. The lack of human rights and free speech, the abuse of women and gays, honor killings, anti-Semitism, and violence against non-Muslims and Muslim ‘apostates’ are characteristic of those countries. Rather than escaping the shackles of those countries, many immigrants are simply transporting them to Europe.” – Uzay Bulut, “Beware Turkey’s dangerous new refugee role” – Gatestone Institute, Nov. 3rd, 2018.

“On 24 March 2018, an ISIS terrorist stormed a supermarket in Trèbes, armed with a handgun, a hunting knife and three homemade bombs. He shot two people dead and took others hostage… During the negotiation with the police, the terrorist accepted Beltrame’s offer to swap places with the last hostage, a female cashier… After a three-hour stand-off with the police, Radouane Lakdim, the 25-year-old terrorist, stabbed (even though rumours circulated that he sliced Beltrame’s throat) and murdered Arnaud Beltrame.” – Abdelhamid Kaddour, “French hero, who sacrificed himself to save a hostage from an Islamist, won’t have a place named after him as it may offend Muslims” – Voice of Europe, Oct. 13th, 2018.