Random Quotations- Progressivism – Nov. 22nd, 2018.

Five items in total…

“I don’t like them pretending to be wounded in their souls when somebody says a word they disapprove of. I don’t like them murdering babies in the womb and calling it reproductive health. I don’t like their vindictiveness, their gathering at the homes of political adversaries and making lives miserable, their faking hate crimes and race crimes… I don’t like that they pay hoodlums, gangs, and other bad people to riot and destroy. I don’t like their assaults on American institutions. I don’t like their noise, their violence, their ceaseless vilification of decent Americans, their policing of speech, their intimidation of anybody they find distasteful.” – Richard Jack Rail, “Some people are really hard to like” – American Thinker, Oct. 14th, 2018.

“The Trudeau government is trying so hard to accommodate these migrants, they’ve created what economists call a moral hazard. The nicer we are and the more we give to migrants, the more migrants we’ll have arriving at our doorstep.” – Candice Malcolm, “Evidence mounts that Canada is losing control on immigration” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 21st, 2018.

“Second wave feminism, edgy, in-your-face, bra-burning feminism reached its crescendo in the late sixties and early seventies. The Pill hit the market at the same time which immediately opened a brave new world – a world where sex was de-coupled from reproduction. Almost overnight, marriage and motherhood were deemed to be ‘below’ the aspirations of young girls who were encouraged to pursue careers rather than eligible men.” – Rebecca Bynum, “Gloria Steinem’s rape cover-up?” – FrontPageMag, Oct. 16th, 2018.

“The courts are ‘allowing schools the discretion to let an offended minority control a cowed majority,’ constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead wrote in Huffington Post. ‘There is no way to completely avoid giving offense,’ he said. ‘At some time or other, someone is going to take offense at something someone else says or does. It’s inevitable. Such politically correct thinking has resulted in a host of inane actions, from the Easter Bunny being renamed ‘Peter Rabbit’ to Christmas Concerts being dubbed ‘Winter’ Concerts’.” – Ed Brodow, “Too bad if you’re offended – the assault on free speech” – Eagle Rising, Oct. 30th, 2018.

“A very disturbing and mostly ignored issue is how absence of skin in the game negatively impacts the political arena. It turns out that 45% of American households, nearly 78 million individuals, have no federal income tax obligation. That poses a serious political problem. Americans with no federal income tax obligation become natural constituencies for big-spending politicians. After all, if one doesn’t pay federal income taxes, what does he care about big spending? Also, if one doesn’t pay federal taxes, why should he be happy about a tax cut? What’s in it for him? In fact, those with no skin in the game might see tax cuts as a threat to their handout programs.” – Walter E. Williams, “If you don’t pay tax, you don’t have skin in the game” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 5th, 2018.