Random Quotations – Nov. 26th, 2018

Eight items in total…

“It leaves me in a bad way especially because this place is hard on your body and you get kind of broken working here and now you’ve got to find another job when you’re hurting from this place and I’m getting older too… There’s no jobs out there and you’re talking thousands and thousands of people are going to be all looking for employment at the same because you’ve got all your feeder plants that are going to lose their jobs because of General Motors as well.” – Unidentified female GM employee, quoted by Reka Szekely in “GM will no longer produce vehicles at Oshawa plant beyond 2019” – Oshawa This Week, Nov. 26th, 2018.

“Hillary Clinton’s emails, many of which are classified information, got hacked by China. Next move better be by the FBI & DOJ or, after all of their other missteps (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, FISA, Dirty Dossier etc.), their credibility will be forever gone” – President Trump, quoted by Melissa Leon, in “China hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server and took nearly all her emails, report says” – American Military News, August 29th, 2018.

“He (Dean French) is the one who is really in charge. He controls everyone and everything – staff, cabinet, caucus, appointments. It’s his way or the highway… He yells at people, controls our social media, and questions our loyalty constantly.” – Anonymous member of the Conservative caucus, quoted by Travis Dhanraj in “Management style of Premier Doug Ford’s chief of staff called into question” – Global News, Nov. 21st, 2018.

“Several staff said they… are concerned the premier is not aware of the manner in which French is operating… ‘I’m not convinced the premier understands any of this because he’s in a bubble that Dean’s put him in,’ said one Ford loyalist… ‘My view is there’s a witch hunt on now. People who are going to stand on their own two feet and speak truth to power are being moved, shuffled or outright fired. It’s a very tense environment right now’.” – Rob Ferguson, “Ford’s unelected chief of staff wanted officials to order police to raid pot stores, sources say” – The Hamilton Spectator, Nov. 20th, 2018.

“Hüppauf also notes that ‘squeezing me out wasn’t enough for Ronell. … At a public event she labeled me an anti-Semite. Not that she actually believed this smear. But the accusation, once uttered, was not easy to unhear, and since it fit into her political calculations, she had no scruples deploying it’… No scruples? Devious manipulation and power-grabbing? Surely those are classic ‘anti-Semitic’ accusations… That they all seem to be perfectly true makes no difference in the modern world.” – Tobias Langdon, “A singularly Semitic scandal” – The Unz Review, Nov. 18th, 2018.

“Earlier in the day, the Chancellor had previously accused critics of her plans to sign up to the Global Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration, which declares migration ‘inevitable, necessary and desirable’, of advocating ‘nationalism in its purest form’… ‘That is not patriotism, because patriotism is when you include others in German interests and accept win-win situations,’ insisted Merkel, paraphrasing her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, who recently claimed that ‘patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason’.” – Virginia Hale, “Merkel: EU states must prepare to hand national sovereignty over to Brussels” – Breitbart, Nov. 23rd, 2018.

A number of countries have withdrawn from the agreement. These countries have, among other things, warned that the framework threatens national security, does not distinguish between illegal immigrants and refugees and can ultimately promote even greater influx of migrants from the third world… The Swedish government is of a completely different view, and instead argues that the initiative is important and will make immigration ‘safe, orderly and regular’.” – Emma R., “Sweden to sign UN migration pact – claims it will lead to economic and social development” – Voice of Europe, Nov. 25th, 2018.

“When a person registers to vote, they should have to prove their citizenship with the necessary documentation. The federal government could make this easier by issuing citizenship cards to all citizens… Following an election, a certain percentage of people who voted should be randomly cross-checked to see if they are Canadian citizens. Anyone who isn’t a citizen would be prosecuted. This would serve as a powerful deterrent to illegal voting… (without this) voter fraud will continue unchecked and unabated with an unknown number of non-citizens voting in every election. When proof of citizenship is not required, illegal voting is sure to follow.” – Christopher Lindsay, “Why voter fraud could impact Canadian elections” – The Post Millennial, Nov. 20th, 2018.