Random Quotations – Christianity – Dec. 2nd, 2018

Four items in total…

“To celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Robious Middle School in Midlothian, Virginia, has banned any Christmas carols that mention the name of Jesus… School administrators reportedly explained they had made the decision (to be) ‘more sensitive to the increasing diverse population at the school’… While this exchange was going on, (student parent David) Allen said he had received a ‘diversity notice’ from the school explaining their commitment to diversity and inclusion, which struck him as paradoxical.. ‘I’m trying to rationalize how you can encourage diversity and yet be exclusionary in one specific area,’ Allen remarked.” – Thomas D. Williams PhD, “Virginia school bans Christmas carols mentioning Jesus” – Breitbart, Nov. 30th, 2018.

“The Christianophobia Observatory, a Paris-based Roman Catholic non-profit organization that tracks attacks against Christians, reported 128 incidents of church vandalism or other anti-Christian attacks in France during the first five months of 2018.” – Soeren Kern, “A month of multiculturalism in France: June 2018” – Gatestone Institute, July 26th, 2018.

“In this New York Times bestseller, David Limbaugh exposes the liberal hypocrisy of promoting political correctness while discriminating against Christianity. From the elimination of school prayer to the eradication of the story of Christianity in America from history text-books, this persuasive book shows that our social engineers inculcate hostility toward Christianity and its values in the name of ‘diversity,’ ‘tolerance,’ and ‘multiculturalism’.” – Book review, Clash Daily – “Persecution: How liberals are waging war against Christianity” (here.)

“Any relationship between the SPLC and the FBI is deeply shocking… ‘Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups. I found them online,’ (SPLC-inspired terrorist) Corkins confessed to the FBI… The FBI knew that the SPLC’s maliciously misleading list of hate groups had inspired a terrorist, and still maintained a relationship with the organization. And in response to Sessions’ condemnation, the SPLC doubled down on its hate, attacking the FRC (Family Research Counsel) once again, while showing no remorse for the shooting.” – Daniel Greenfield, “The Southern Povertyy Law Center’s perfect storm” – Frontpagemag, August 22nd, 2018.