Comments On The United Nations Global Compact for Migration

Five items in total…

“One of the ‘guiding principles’ is a ‘whole-of-society approach’ to promoting mass migration, including the role of the media… It calls upon governments to ‘promote independent, objective and quality reporting… and stop(ping) allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants”… Will recipients of Trudeau’s media fund be prohibited from criticizing open borders and mass migration?… Will funding be tied to an attestation to promote UN propaganda?” – Candice Malcolm, “The UN migration compact spells radical change for Canada” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 30th. (You can read this very necessary and informative article here.)

“The British government is committed to issuing an official response to any petition which reaches 10,000 signatures – although it has left the UN compact petition unanswered for 12 days now – while petitions which break the 100,000 signature mark must be considered by Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee for a full debate… Hugely controversial for provisions which allegedly make migration a universal human right and expand the definition of hate speech to include criticism of mass migration, a large number of countries have already pulled out of the compact.” – Jack Montgomery, “UK lawmakers to respond after 100,000 sign against UN migration pact” – Breitbart, Dec. 6th, 2018.

“Just disgusting. How disconnected can the PMO be from the reality for both illegal migrants whose futures remain uncertain for so long, and Canadian taxpayers who are expected to fund federal, provincial, and municipal costs of a failed refugee and immigration policy. Justin’s famous tweet ‘you are welcome in Canada’ shows how much he cares about having something to say on Twitter, and how little he cares about migrants and taxpayers.” – Newspaper comment, Dec. 7th, 2018.

“Under the new law, the Italian government will only grant asylum to legitimate refugees of war or victims of political persecution. Asylum seekers may now lose their protection if they are convicted of crimes including: threat or violence to a public official; physical assault; female genital mutilation; and a variety of theft charges… Italy will not sign the United Nations Global Compact for Migration, nor will Italian officials attend a conference in Marrakech, Morocco, on December 10 and 11 to adopt the agreement. The Global Compact not only aims to establish migration as a human right, but also to outlaw criticism of migration through hate crimes legislation.” – Soeren Kern, “Italy adopts hardline immigration law” – Gatestone Institute, Dec. 7th, 2018.

The Trudeau government and the mainstream media are not telling the truth about the UN Global Compact for Migration… Both are casting opposition to the UN agreement as conspiratorial, far-right, and even racist, while leaving out important facts and details about the compact… Instead of having an honest discussion about how the UN scheme will affect our immigration system and our democracy, Trudeau and his cadre of government-funded journalists have pushed lies and bullied Canadians… The Trudeau government will ratify the UN compact on Tuesday in Morocco, signing away aspects of Canadian sovereignty without so much as an honest public debate.” – Candice Malcolm, “Opposition to the UN migrant compact is broad and far-reaching” – Toronto Sun, Dc. 7th, 2018.