My Cat Digger

I adopted Digger early in March of 2015.
He is a predominately white male, which is what I wanted after the death of my predominantly black female cat Deva, who died after 13 years with me.
Everything was great until Saturday morning, and here is the story:

I just got back home from the vet’s office with Digger.
Saturday and Sunday he was acting strangely, leaping around and knocking things over, and getting into the kitchen cupboards and pushing things out before going to sleep in the cupboard, and he slept there overnight, twice.
I cleared an area for him in the cupboards, it was either that or have an extreme mess. He put me through a lot of difficulty.
I didn’t want him in the kitchen, but the kitchen door was removed long before I got here.
I actually thought that if he didn’t stop it, I would have to get rid of him, because in my condition I can’t cope with that. I have difficulty bending and kneeling, and can’t pick stuff up off the floor all the time. And, picking up broken pieces of stuff really shreds my demeanour.
The vet gave me good news and bad news: There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with him physically, but, his behaviour may well be caused by a brain tumour.
Oh, happy days.
I was worried about vet bills, but prepared to do my absolute best for him. As it happens, if his behaviour continues to deteriorate, fixing the situation will be comparatively cheap.
Right now. he seems quite mild and well-behaved, although he does have a temperature.

I hope we can have some worthwhile time left together.

Jeff Goodall.