Random Quotations – LGBTQ – Jan. 18th, 2019

Five items in total…

“The Daily Mail reports that Brighton & Hove City Council issued a directive saying, ‘Sex education lessons in which pupils as young as eight will be told ‘all genders’ have periods… The classes follow guidelines that were issued to teachers to help them avoid offending girls who identify as boys’… But in a world where educators – educators! – are telling little girls who identify as boys that they need not think getting their period is a worry, as boys get periods too, the possibility of a rational conversation is off the table… telling eight year olds that boys can have periods is the work of lunatics.” – Jerry Agar, “No place for lies in gender debate” – Toronto Sun, Dec. 17th, 2018.

“Stephens College, a private all women’s college in Missouri, has announced that it will start accepting transgender students beginning in the fall semester of 2019… Stephens College has decided that after over 185 years, it will no longer be an all women’s college, announcing that it will begin enrolling transgender students next year… The college recently announced that it will begin accepting individuals who are biologically male, as long as they identify as females. At the same time, the school has announced that it will also begin denying individuals who are biologically female but choose to identify as male.” – Alana Mastrangelo, “All-women’s college to begin accepting transgender students” – Breitbart, Dec. 28th, 2018.

“A British mother was kicked out of her local pub after a complaint that her T-shirt emblazoned with the dictionary definition of ‘woman’ was offensive to transgender people… Rebekah Wershbale was ‘stunned’ when, on a visit to the Five Clouds Tap and Bottle in Macclesfield last week, staff informed her she was barred from the pub as a result of her T-shirt slogan, which read, ‘Woman – noun – adult human female’… ‘[A barmaid] told me that the T-shirt I was wearing was upsetting people because it was transphobic and not inclusive so I was barred,’ the 34-year-old told the Daily Mail.” – Virginia Hale, “Mother kicked out of British pub for ‘transphobic’ T-shirt” – Breitbart, Jan. 8th, 2019.

“In Texas, for instance, Mack Beggs, a student from Euless, Texas, claims to be transitioning from male to female but has been allowed to compete against girls in school wrestling. Perhaps unsurprisingly, and to much criticism, Beggs has easily defeated every female competitor met on the mats… In another case, a student born a male assuming the identity of a girl has beaten all female contestants in Track & Field competitions in Alaska. And in another incident, a student born male but claiming to be female has consistently beaten all female contestants in track events in a Connecticut high school district.” – Warner Todd Huston, “South Dakota to consider bill banning transgender students from competing against opposite biological sex” – Breitbart, Jan. 16th, 2019.

“To show just how besotted with foolish leftism the tech industry really is, some Google employees rose up in anger when bosses used the word “family” during a 2017 meeting. These liberal employees called the word ‘family’ homophobic because it implied a mother, father, and children. The strange part of this is that every Gay and Lesbian person I ever met was conceived from a mother and a father, and many of them had children… The resulting backlash forced the Google executive to actually apologize for daring to use the word and to promise to be ‘more inclusive’ in the future… How is it that being ‘inclusive’ always means excluding traditional definitions and values?” – Warner Todd Huston, “Google employees go nuts over use of the homophobic word family” – LidBlog, Jan. 17th, 2019.