Random Quotations – Islam – Jan. 23rd, 2019

Five items in total…

“I suggest reversing our policy that encourages births, by inverting the logic of benefits payments for families. The more children you have, the fewer benefits you receive to the point of disappearing entirely after the third birth!… I make it clear that I am not targeting the poorest countries, which produce more children than others… On the contrary. The rich countries, like France, are the first that need to decrease demographically. They are the ones with the most polluting lifestyles. Most of all, limiting our births would allow us to better receive the Muslim migrants who are knocking at our doors.” (Emphasis added) – Yves Cochet, co-founder of the French Green Party, quoted by Paul Joseph Watson in “French Green Party founder says Europeans must have less children to make way for Muslim migrants” – Infowars, Jan. 11th, 2019.

“Many of these people coming into our country, are doing so on welfare. They are not coming here on their own with a plan to work, no apprenticeship nor someone sponsoring them for a better life and to glorify God in their endeavors. They come here and leach off the people of America. That is born in the ideology of Islam regarding infidel governments.” – Tim Brown, “Maine – Somali Muslims attack assimilation: We’re here to stay, whether you like it or not!’ – Freedom Outpost, Jan. 10th, 2019.

“Using animal welfare to stir up racial hatred” – Sub-heading from Tony Earnshaw’s article “Non-stunned Halal meat is being served in these Yorkshire schools – as council leader defends policy” – Yorkshire Post, Jan. 21st, 2019.

“The members of the district council have unanimously adopted a resolution in this regard demanding that all Muslim posted as sweepers be transferred to other posts, such as those of a guard or peon… It was supported by various members, including Saeed Inayat Ali, Ajwan Khan Jadood, Jahanzaib Khan, Hasmatullah, Maulana Mohammad Shahabuddin, Amir Nawab, Shafqat Rani and others. No one opposed the resolution.” – Noor Ul Huda Shaheen, “Swabi councillors want Christians to be appointed as ‘sweepers’ in hospitals instead of Muslims” – Samaa, Jan. 19th, 2019.

“Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban ‘has welcomed the creation of an anti-immigration ‘axis’ in Europe’ that would ‘team up with countries like Italy and Poland to change the bloc’s direction’… The focus of the ‘anti-immigrant’ drive is opposition to mass Muslim migration… Orban stated that ‘he believed there would be ‘two civilizations’ in the EU: ‘one mixed Muslim-Christian in the west and one traditional, in central Europe’… Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini is also calling for a ‘Rome-Warsaw axis to build ‘a new Europe’ that was against migration.” – Christine Douglass-Williams, “Hungary: Viktor Orban welcomes launch of ‘anti-immigration’ axis to change EU direction” – Jihad Watch, Jan. 10th, 2019.