The Police, Amber Alerts, and Public Dissent

The following letter is already posted on-line, and will be in tomorrow’s Toronto Sun hard-copies.

I sometimes send in letters to the editor just to let off steam, never expecting them to be published. Oh well, if I don’t post anything here for a while (again!) you should be able to write to me at my jail cell…

Amber Alert

Re: “Disappointing and upsetting” (Editorial, Feb 15): I remember reacting very badly to the Amber Alert in May 2018 blasting my ears off in Oshawa over something that was happening in Orillia. These uncalled-for assaults on citizens, in their own homes, are unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. Perhaps in the future, enraged citizens will get sick and tired of phoning a busy 911 emergency number (it can be extremely difficult to locate a non-emergency police contact number, particularly when your ears are being blasted off), and will come over to their local police stations and invade the lobbies or even start throwing rocks through the windows. Dear God, what is wrong with the police? Straighten out your act, or there may be significant civil disobedience, plus a drastic reduction in public support for you. We pay your wages, and we will not tolerate this. Listen up, dummies.

Jeff Goodall

(Your sarcasm is noted, but also pierces to the heart of the issue to those that complained)

You can see the letter here.