Random Quotations – Islam – Feb. 22nd, 2019

Seven items in total…

“As long as the migrant isn’t a thief or a murderer or a drug dealer, but his only problem is that he has no respect for women (as is part of his culture), we can just get over that, can’t we?” – Bare Naked Islam, “Austrian feminazi says we have to learn to live with Muslim migrant ‘groping’ and ‘molesting’ of girls” – Feb. 20th, 2019.

“Two Germans, both 16 years of age, were killed by an oncoming train after being pushed onto railway tracks by youths of Greek and Turkish origin. German media not only downplayed the immigration background of the suspects by describing them as indigenous Germans; they also reported that the teenagers ‘fell onto the tracks’.” – Soeren Kern, “A month of multiculturalism in Germany: January 2019“ – Gatestone Institute, Feb. 18th, 2019.

“Islam dictates that a Muslim man has the liberty to divorce and remarry the same woman twice. However, if he decides to dissolve the marriage for the third time, he can only remarry the same woman if she first marries another man, consummates the marriage, and only if the man dies or willingly asks for divorce, can the woman go back to her first husband and remarry him.” – Radhika Iyengar, “What is Nikah halala, how it was established and where it stands in modern India” – India Express, March 26th, 2018.

“As Mohammed is al-insan al-khamil, the most perfect man in all creation… his life serves as an example of moral behaviour for all Muslims to emulate. This is why Muslims the world over consider it their entitlement to help themselves to the bodies of any non-Muslim women & girls they can get their filthy hands on. We see this in Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, Germany, Sweden & the UK.” – Tim Ayres, “Tanned, with a beard: The new euphemism for Muslim rapists” – Islam Exposed, Jan. 3rd, 2019.

“Mount Royal University (MRU) in Calgary, Alberta recently announced the opening of a new facility on campus: two ablution stations for Muslim students to perform ‘wudu’, a pre-prayer cleansing ritual… MRU held an entire event to ‘celebrate’ the new washing stations, and gushed about how Muslim students will no longer have to feel ‘awkward and uncomfortable’ as they get water on the floor while washing their feet in hand sinks… The cost of installing the ablution stations was $115,000.” – Lindsay Shepherd, “Mount Royal University spends $115,000 on Muslim foot-washing station” – The Post Millennial, Feb. 21st, 2019.

“If not for the anti-Islamization Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, the world might not know that there is no assimilation of Muslim migrants going on in Germany, while less than 35% of Muslim migrants who arrived in 2015 will ever be employed and not totally dependent on welfare. Muslims are allowed to live in sharia-compliant parallel communities under their own rules because Islam is totally incompatible with democratic principles.” – Bare Naked Islam, “Germany: The dangerous Islamization of our country and halalification of our food is going on right under our noses and virtually nobody says a word” – Feb. 20th, 2019.

“Australian Justice Desmond Fagan, while jailing two jihad terrorists last week, exhorted Muslims to work for genuine reform: ‘The incitements to violence which terrorists quote from the Koran cannot just be ignored by the many believers who desire harmonious coexistence. Those verses are not ignored by terrorists’… Indeed. But apparently Muslim leaders in Australia want you to ignore them. Responding to Fagan’s call, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohamed – the Grand Mufti of Australia – claimed that ‘only two Koran verses talk about preemptive fighting’… There are many, many more than two verses that call upon Muslims to fight unbelievers, whether preemptively or not.” – Robert Spencer, “Judge calls on Muslims to disavow violent Qur’an verses” – PJMedia, Feb. 8th, 2019.