The Vicious, Anti-White Racism of Contrived “Victimhood”

Here are four larger quotations from the press regarding the Jussie Smollett hate-hoax.

“Victims and members of oppressed identity groups are elevated to a kind of sainthood in the progressive religion. Those who are more oppressed have more moral authority and are thus more worthy to speak, set policy, and make demands. This is in fact exactly what intersectionality teaches, complete with a hierarchy of victimhood for comparing everyone’s relative righteousness… Is it any wonder, then, so many Americans are desperately trying to portray themselves as victims?… What’s more, progressivism’s moral code ultimately works against progress. Oppressed identity groups can never really rise up and overcome their victimhood, unless they also wish to lose their moral authority.” – Jayme Metzgar, “Hate hoaxes are what happen when your religion is identity politics” – The Federalist, Feb. 20th, 2019.

“Among the many, many things illustrated by the Jussie Smollett case is this one: If you want a clear picture of what’s happening in our society, you should ignore the Main Stream news outlets and go to Dissident Right websites… if you can find one that hasn’t been de-platformed, de-funded, de-Twittered, de-YouTubed, de-PayPal-ed, de-Facebooked, and so on… While MSM journalists on six- and seven-digit salaries were gasping, swooning, and clutching their pearls, giving unqualified credence to Smollett’s story, we Deplorable bigots out here on the un-Respectable Right were calling hoax.” – John Derbyshire, “Jussie Smollett, MSM vs. dissident right, and the children of wrath” – The Unz Review, Feb. 22nd, 2019.

“The attention given to a petty crime in a city with hundreds of murders a year, the rapturous reception given to Ellen Page’s denunciation of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and the desperate willingness of so many seemingly intelligent people to believe a ridiculous story suggest semi-religious motivations among Jussie Smollett’s true believers. Mr. Smollett’s frantic quest to be perceived as a victim of white racist violence is akin to those Christian martyrs who sought death in the arena for a new faith. The main difference is that Christian martyrs actually had to suffer… Many Americans desperately want to be a victim of the ‘oppressor’ and so become a person of importance with a life that means something.” – Gregory Hood, “After another blood libel, we want justice” – American Renaissance, Feb. 20th, 2019.

“A host of liberals are bleating about conservative ‘gloating’ over the Smollett debunking. What they seem to sincerely not understand is that their instant acceptance of the story and their instant condemnation of anyone who voiced skepticism over it was an act of oppression. ‘You must care!’ ‘You must believe!’… He is our Horst Wessel, and you must grasp your complicity in evil. That this response came from Hollywood types who make a living off giving free rein to their emotions is not shocking. That mainstream journalists did it wasn’t shocking either, but it was appalling… they really can’t see how invested they are in this kind of narrative peddling, how convinced they are that they see the world as it is, and the people who disagree are not just fools, but evil.” – Jonah Goldberg, “The hate-hoax bonfire” – National Review, Feb. 22nd, 2019.

The article by Jayme Metzger from which the first quote is taken is an absolute classic. You can read it here.