NP and Toronto Sun Comments – May 27th, 2019

I have found in the past that commenting under letters-to-the-editor or news items in the on-line version of newspapers can be an excellent means of getting your point across to quite a large audience. Equally, it is important to not get bogged down in “following” responses to your own and other people’s scrawlings, it can take up a lot of your time.

It is better to just simply post your comment, bookmark it, and check occasionally to see if any critique has been posted that requires a response.

And as I have said before, “Obviously, name-calling and bad language might go over well in the ‘comments’ to be found beneath the published letters, very often the comments contain little else…” so the comments below might not be for the prudish or delicate.


(All copy-and-paste).

“God Save the Queen you dick!”

“dumbass snowflake broken down Kool-Aid slurping Left Wing ideology”

“…they circle the maggots whenever there’s a threat from outside their nest.”

“…all you brain dead.progressives that contribute nothing to society and are merely pond .scum on the gene pool.”

“… you are one brain dead turnip”

“You are so full of shit that wen you burp its actually like a fart”

“The whole country is worried about your wreckless spending…”

“…if someone is pointing a firearm at you maybe it’s not a good time to be providing a point”

“ Does it suddenly seize to exist?”

“This mob of calumniators…”

“Justin would steal a dead fly from a blind spider.”

“ Efucate yourself…”

“go back to your mommy’s basement and eat cereal.”

“He’ll be cleaning tables at Burger King when this is over. If he works hard and gets all the gum off the bottom he could work his way up to fries, or maybe condiments.”


Dmitri Sukemov

GobGob Golabagoo

Zippy Dufus

Dingster Ding

John G. Studebaker