Random Quotations – Anti-White – July 12th, 2019

Five items in total…

“Miss Cabán, who would be the chief law enforcement officer for nearly two and a half million people, is easy on crime and puts non-white interests over community safety. According to her website, she wants to ‘end mass incarceration,’ ‘decriminalize poverty and racist law enforcement,’ ‘end the war on drugs,’ and ‘decarcerate and restore communities.’ She wants to end cash bail, give felons shorter sentences, and close the city’s jails. She promises ‘people-powered’ and ‘racial’ justice… Miss Cabán is one of many self-proclaimed progressive prosecutors who have won elections nationwide… Nearly all got money from George Soros. A Soros PAC gave Miss Cabán’s Working Families Party $70,000.” – Robert Hampton, “New Queens DA will push ‘racial’ justice” – American Renaissance, July 3rd, 2019.

“I grew up in an extremely unjust society, and the only thing that made my family excited about coming to the United States was that the United States was supposed to be the country that guaranteed justice to all… So, I feel it necessary for me to speak about that promise that’s not kept’.” – Rep. Ilhan Omar, quoted by Kristina Wong in “Ilhan Omar slams America to 400 high school students as unjust” – Breitbart, July 9th, 2019.

“Ralph Goodale, the Minister of Public Safety is playing fast and loose with the term ‘terrorism’ and is trivializing a real terrorist threats that do exist… Blood & Honour, beyond a few street level punch ups, has acted as a political and group identity organization in Canada… For several years, they had a club house on the outskirts of Calgary and held meetings and music concerts. To group them with ISIS and Boko Haram is obscene.” – Paul Fromm, Director – Cdn Assoc. for Free Expression, July 1st, 2019.

“The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit has been forced to reverse their policy of charging white people double the price for tickets… The festival, set to take place August 3rd, was initially offering different ticket prices based on the race of the attendee. For white people, or ‘non-persons of color,’ early bird tickets cost $20, compared with $10 for people of color. For those planning on buying tickets closer to the event date, white people were asked to pay $40 compared with $20 for people of color.” – Ben Kew, “AfroFuture cancels race-based ticket prices after Eventbrite demands reversal” – Breitbart, July 8th, 2019.

“Angela Saini, who describes herself as a ‘freelance science journalist,’ has written propaganda piece on race for the Guardian (‘Why race science is on the rise again’), a precis of a now-released book of the same title. You know what you are up against right from the beginning, with the phrase ‘so-called races,’ with ‘races’ in scare quotes. She describes herself as growing up in an ‘Indian-Punjabi household’ and appears to be yet another non-White who is campaigning against the idea that Whites are a real group – a group with interests and a long, proud history. In other words, she is promoting her own ethnic interests in dismantling the West as an ethnic entity…” – Dr. Kevin MacDonald Ph.D, “Dr. Ralph Scott’s forty-year battle for science in research on forced busing: Angela Saini, Barry Mehler, and the academic left” – The Occidental Observer, July 10th, 2019.