Random Quotations – Free Speech – July 20th, 2019

Five items in total…

“The Canadian Anti-Hate Network will publish the names of 250 members of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party if they are successful in becoming a registered political party. We plan to publish these names and their cities of residence as soon as they become public, and will encourage local media to run stories naming neo-Nazi supporters in their communities… This kind of naming and shaming is part of our mandate of exposing hate groups to make sure communities are well-informed, and to ensure that there are significant, nonviolent social consequences for supporting hate groups.” – Extract from a Canadian Anti-Hate Network July 10th statement, quoted by the Canadian Assoc. for Free Expression in a press release issued on July 15th, 2019.

“Christian Americans have been hounded for their refusal to cater same-sex weddings. For those who support such attacks, we might ask them whether they would seek prosecution of the owner of a Jewish delicatessen who refused to provide services for a neo-Nazi affair.” – Walter E. Williams, “America’s free speech crisis” – Toronto Sun, July 15th, 2019.

“Because this is a trans individual they are untouchable… they are allowed to mock and taunt me about my biology, they can say whatever crude things they want… But when it comes to me wanting to take a shot back at that person and wanting to stand up for myself – or for my womanhood so to speak – I am permanently kicked off.” – Jesse Snyder, “Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd on her Twitter ban: ‘Your instincts should not be to celebrate” – National Post,
July 16th, 2019.

“Monday’s banning of the Wilfrid Laurier University grad student came after a heated exchange where Shepherd says Jessica Yaniv – a transgender woman with whom she’d had previous arguments with (sic) – began hurling insults towards her and her infant son, and making remarks about Shepherd’s genitalia… Yaniv mocked Shepherd’s septate uterus – a reproductive condition which can lead to complications during pregnancy.” – Bryan Passifiume, “Polarizing free-speech activist Lindsay Shepherd banned from Twitter” – Toronto Sun, July 15th, 2019.

“Facebook has recently adapted a policy which stipulates censorship of all postings that support ‘dangerous individuals or organisations’… Tommy Robinson’s name is included on that list… How many people or organisations Facebook has labelled as dangerous, is unknown. ‘I don’t have that information available off the top of my head, but I can tell you that it happens frequently’, says Janne Elvelid, manager at Facebook Norway to NTB… Recently, more and more media users have testified about the removal of their accounts after sharing a post about Tommy Robinson. Normally, the user is informed that the post is removed, but in some cases, user accounts have been closed for up to a month, solely for writing his name.” – Katarina,
“Facebook removes Norwegian top politician’s post about Tommy Robinson” – Voice of Europe, July 18th, 2019.