Random Quotations – August 2nd, 2019

Eight items in total…

“I would argue that the issue is not with the BC Human Rights Tribunal itself, but with the perverse incentive of litigating for profit that is created by the BC Human Rights Code. The BC Human Rights Code creates this incentive through a type of damages called ‘injury to dignity, feelings, and self-respect’… Damages awarded in every other area of law are based on the principle that the award should only make the complainant whole. A complainant should never be better off after receiving the damages award.” – Jordan Schroeder, “Suing for hurt feelings: How to restore confidence in the BC Human Rights Tribunal” – The Post Millennial, July 24th, 2019.

“It’s still unclear if Laurel will invent something to prevent women from putting their bags on the seat next to them.” – Roberto Wakerell-Cruz, “U.K. university student invents anti-manspreading chair, wins national award” – The Post Millennial, July 17th, 2019.

“The president wasn’t attacking the women’s color or ethnicity. He was attacking their disloyalty to America. Racism is picking on people for who they are; Trump attacked them for what they do.” – Melanie Phillips, “In Trump vs. ‘the squad’, American Jews have picked the wrong target” – Jewish World Review, July 19th, 2019.

“Antifa is a group of hateful, intolerant radicals who pursue their unhinged agenda through aggressive violence. Time and time again, their actions have demonstrated that their only purpose is to inflict harm on those who oppose their views. The hate and violence they spread must be stopped, and I am proud to introduce this resolution with Senator Cassidy to properly identify what Antifa are: domestic terrorists.” – Quotation reproduced by Sarah Cowgill in “FBI Director grilled by Senate on Antifa – will he investigate?” – Liberty Nation, July 25th, 2019.

“Ordinary prosecutors are not allowed to comment about why they decided not to prosecute the subject of an investigation. The Mueller Report, when made public, violated that salutary tradition. It contained negative information about people, including the president, who will have no opportunity to respond in a legal proceeding… The report and the testimony introduced the novel and dangerous concept into our legal vocabulary: ‘Not exonerated’.” – Alan M. Dershowitz, “Is this the end of Office of Special Counsel?” – Gatestone Institute, July 25th, 2019.

“I suspected that there might be some editorial directive I hadn’t seen that instructs newspaper writers and editors that in any story they publish about me the word ‘hate’ must be used at least once in the headline and at least twice in every paragraph of text. There are certain buzzwords that are used so consistently and predictably, ‘hate’ or its derivatives being the most common, that it seems unlikely that every journalist would have hit on them independently and begun using them of his own volition.” – From the late Dr. William L. Pierce’s article “Journalists and Canadians”, reproduced by National Vanguard on July 14th, 2019.

“Ever since Justin Trudeau told a ‘Ladies Night’ fundraiser in 2013 that he admires China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ the Liberal leader has been teased and mocked for the comments… The mocking isn’t funny anymore as Canadian lives are on the line in China and Trudeau’s government is starting to imitate the regime in Beijing by trying to silence critics. Two former senior diplomats have come forward to say that officials called to ask them to stop contradicting the government in public on China and to ‘get with the program’.” – Brian Lilley, “Trudeau tries to silence critics just like they do in China” – Toronto Sun, July 26th, 2019.

“The size of the Fed’s balance sheet – which includes government bonds in addition to bank reserves and some other securities – and those of the European Central Bank are dictated by slow growth government policies… Those include too much regulation, multilateralism and political correctness and a blind, polemical acceptance that despite automation, artificial intelligence, more women seeking work and immigration, long-term economic growth must stay depressed at no more than 2%… Those impel politicians to promise angry voters an increasing array of welfare benefits.” – Peter Morici, “Why the U.S. Federal Reserve is no longer relevant” – Toronto Sun, July 29th, 2019.