Random Quotations – Israel – August 2nd, 2019

Five items in total…

“The Director of the Mossad, Prime Minister Netanyahu, had a motive for increasing the level of antisemitic threats early in Donald Trump’s presidency. During the 2016 campaign, Trump promised reductions in foreign aid, including Israel’s. Trump had to be stopped. A conspicuous increase in apparent antisemitic activity in America would license American Zionists to cite Trump as “Antisemite in-Chief”, personally responsible for the rise. The resulting outrage could invoke second thoughts about cutting aid to Israel.” – Franklin Stahl, “Hate crime survey reports” – The Unz Review, July 21st, 2019. (You can read this fascinating article here.)

“Mossad would have exploited Epstein’s contacts, arranging their cooperation by having Epstein wining and dining them while flying them off to exotic locations, providing them with women and entertainment. If they refused to cooperate, it would be time for blackmail, photos and videos of the sex with underage women.” – Philip Giraldi, “Did pedophile Jeffrey Epstein work for Mossad?” – The Unz Review, July 11th, 2019.

“Undoubtedly, the violent mentality that propels Israeli society, wherever it is located, is not governed by imaginary lines but by a racist ideology, of which disciples can be found everywhere in Israel, not just in the illegal Jewish colonies of the West Bank… Israel is a sick society and its ailment is not confined to the 1967 occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.” – Ramzy Baroud, “Ideology of hatred not limited to Israel’s settlements” – Arab News, July 22nd, 2019. (You can read this article here.)

“Books like Wiesel’s ‘Night’ are largely works of fiction. The narrative exists to perpetuate the belief in Jewish suffering, which brings with it a number of practical advantages. First, it is regularly deployed to excuse the horrific treatment of the Palestinian people by Israel – Jewish suffering means that the creation of a homeland is a debt that all the world owes to the Jews without regard to what has been done to the area’s other inhabitants. Second, guilt over the alleged holocaust means that reparations from countries involved must be continued indefinitely. Currently the Poles are resisting new Jewish claims while the Germans have been paying for years.” – Philip Giraldi, “Teaching Holocaust” – The Unz Review, July 16th, 2019.

“The buildings were destroyed due to claims that they were too close to Israel’s illegal separation wall, with the Benjamin Netanyahu government citing ‘security concerns’… The homes were legally constructed on land that is nominally controlled by the Palestinian Authority (PA), a fine point that the Israeli authorities chose to consider irrelevant. When the Palestinians object to such arbitrary behavior, they are sent to Israeli military courts that always endorse the government decisions. And the Netanyahu regime of kleptocrats has made clear that it does not recognize international law about treatment of people who are under occupation… Recently, orders to the Israeli army snipers direct them to shoot demonstrators in the ankles so they will be crippled for life.” – Philip Giraldi, “Israel has the most moral army in the world?” – The Unz Review, July 30th, 2019.