Random Quotations – Islam – August 9th, 2019

Six items in total…

“The culture that calls for slaying gays, permits polygamy, and imprisons women in black burkas is medieval and misogynist and is certainly not equal to the culture of gender equity and LGBTQ rights… Bernier is right when he told his party faithful: ‘Among the threats to our values and way of life is political Islam, or Islamism, the fastest-growing and most dangerous radical ideology in the world today’… Canadians dismiss Bernier’s fears at their own peril.” – Tarek Fatah, “Bernier’s problems with multiculturalism cannot be dismissed” – Toronto Sun, July 26th, 2019.

“Australian Justice Peter Johnson knows all about Islam, and isn’t afraid to explain the religion to errant Muslims who misunderstand it… Why should he presume to tell a man who had dedicated his life to understanding Islamic teachings properly and living them out scrupulously that he was getting Islam all wrong, terribly wrong?” – Robert Spencer, “Non-Muslim judge tries to convince jihadist that Islam is a religion of peace” – PJ Media, August 6th, 2019.

“As I’ve written before, the media plays a part beyond reporting events. Its anticipated response to events is part of the ‘enemy’s’ planning process. The western media cycle is predictable, manageable, the thirst for the drip-drip of ever new headlines. And that also links to population interference through the abuse of social media platforms.” – Zak Doffman, “Iran ‘ready to strike’ in the West using sleeper terror cells: Report claims” – Forbes Magazine, July 22nd, 2019.

“Musaed was ticketed for creating a public disturbance. Morrison was told by police that he, too, would’ve been charged had there been more people in the area when he tried to shoot the cow… The police report indicated that neither he nor his coworkers appeared remorseful… Soon after, Saba was shuttered for various violations after local, state and federal agencies investigated.” – Lia Eustachewich, “Cow slaughtered in Home Depot parking lot after escaping meat market” – New York Post, July 19th, 2019.

“The FBI Pittsburgh JTTF investigation of Alowemer revealed that Alowemer plotted to bomb a church located on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, using a weapon of mass destruction (i.e., an explosive device). According to Alowemer, his motivation to detonate a device at the Church was to support the cause of ISIS and to inspire other ISIS supporters in the United States to join together and commit similar acts in the name of ISIS.” – Terrorism-Online,
“Syrian man indicted on terrorism charges after planning attack on Christian church” – July 24th, 2019.

“Monireh Arabshahi, Yasamin Aryani, and Mojgan Keshavarz, three women who have been held in Iranian custody since April of this year for ‘disrespecting compulsory hijab,’ have been sentenced by the Iranian Revolutionary Court to prison terms of at least 16 years each for disobeying the country’s Islamic dress code… The women were each given five years on charges of ‘assembly and collusion to act against national security,’ one year for circulating ‘propaganda against the regime’ and ten years for ‘encouraging and preparing the grounds for corruption and prostitution.’ In addition, Keshavarz received another seven-and-a-half years for ‘insulting the sanctities’ – a total of 55 years and six months.” – Zachary Keyser, “Iran gives three women 55 years in prison for defying Islamic dress code” – Jerusalem Post, August 4th, 2019.

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