Random Quotations – August 10th, 2019

Seven items in total…

“Are we going to continue to think for ourselves or are we just going to let the biggest tech companies decide who wins every election from now on?” – Suspended senior Google engineer Greg Coppola, quoted by Graeme Gordon in “Google employee claims he was put on leave for speaking out against tech giant’s politics” – Toronto Sun, August 5th, 2019.

“The strongest immigrants were the first to arrive, at a time when there still was a frontier to be conquered and a lot of hard and dangerous work to be done. After the frontier was won and life had become much easier, the weaker, less independent immigrants were willing to try life in America, and things have gone downhill ever since.” – Chris Rossetti, “Media-driven law” – National Vanguard, August 4th, 2019.

“Sixteen people ended up with a bullet in them over the long weekend… ‘I find this very bothersome,’ (Toronto Police Chief) Saunders said at a press conference at police headquarters on Monday.” – Kevin Connor, “Very bothersome: Weekend shootings concern top cop” – Toronto Sun, August 6th, 2019.

“President Macron… asked the French parliament to pass a law that almost completely abolishes the right to protest and the presumption of innocence, and that allows the arrest of anyone, anywhere, even without cause. The law was passed.” – Guy Millière, “France slowly sinking into chaos” – Gatestine Institute, August 3rd, 2019.

“It was a race against time to get it to the show and get it officially weighed. I had to sweat it out to make sure it hadn’t burst on the way… I had it in a box like a little mini suitcase. A mini carrying box padded out inside and lined in egg trays… I had it on my knee in the car just in case we hit any potholes or cattle grids.” – Graeme Watson, quoted by Alex Wood in “Yorkshireman reclaims world record for heaviest gooseberry” – Yorkshire Post, August 6th, 2019.

“A related concern is the influence of foreign financing on Canada’s elections. American donations to Tides (U.S.) were funnelled directly and indirectly to Leadnow, which campaigned in the 2015 federal election for candidates most likely to defeat Conservatives in swing ridings, including my own. Indeed, Leadnow boasts that its paid field teams were successful in 25 ridings. It is indisputable that American money was used to influence federal and provincial elections, motivated in large part by hostility to Canada’s natural resources.” – Joe Oliver, “Beware foreign influence in Canada’s resource sector and elections” – Toronto Sun, August 8th, 2019.

“The experts said North Korea ‘used cyberspace to launch increasingly sophisticated attacks to steal funds from financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges to generate income.’ They also used cyberspace to launder the stolen money, the report said… The experts said they are investigating ‘at least 35 reported instances of DPRK actors attacking financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges and mining activity designed to earn foreign currency’ in some 17 countries… The U.N. experts said North Korea’s attacks against cryptocurrency exchanges allowed it ‘to generate income in ways that are harder to trace and subject to less government oversight and regulation than the traditional banking sector’.” – Michelle Nichols, “North Korea took $2 billion in cyberattacks to fund weapons program: U.N. report” – Reuters, August 5th, 2019.