The Heading Says It All – September 13th, 2019

Ten items in total…

“Woman wearing cat T-shirt guilty of trying to poison dog” here.

“Mother Teresa’s former assistant killed in U.K. bar brawl” here.

“French Identitarians to be fined and jailed for opposing illegal immigration” here.

“Mario Lopez apologizes for saying that parents shouldn’t force children to be trans” here.

“Yorkshireman reclaims world record for heaviest gooseberry” here.

“Only a matter of time: Leprosy outbreak in U.S. homeless population looming” here.

“Non-Muslim judge tries to convince Jihadist that Islam is a religion of peace” here.

“Joshua Boyle says he hit wife with broom because she asked to be spanked” here.

“Hasbro goes woke with new “Ms. Monopoly” board game that pays women more than men” here.

“Fracking firm Cuadrilla apologises over record earthquake and promises to pay for house damage repairs” here.