Random Quotations – Racial Issues – September 15th, 2019

Six items in total…

“…when multiculturalism becomes the foundation of politics, the very essence of debate gets relegated from the common good of the country to the medieval instinct of the tribe.” – Tarek Fatah, “Multiculturalism is being manipulated to harm Canada” – Toronto Sun, September 4th, 2019.

“The best-known blackface Morris team in the North, having performed at the Royal Albert Hall, is the Britannia Coconut Dancers of Bacup… They were not at the Settle festival, but their secretary, Gavin McNulty, supported Mr Harding’s stance… He said: ‘We shouldn’t have to change a tradition that has nothing to do with what people are trying to portray it as. We stand strong and steadfast’.” – David Behrens, “Blackface Morris dancers stir racial tension in rural Dales community” – Yorkshire Post, September 14th,2019.

“Of course, the reason there are so many more blacks in prison is that a higher percentage of blacks commit crimes. While most blacks are perfectly honest, as are most whites, the percentage of blacks who are criminals is higher than the percentage of whites who are criminals. We know that this is true because the victims, who are almost all black, tell us their attackers were black – despite that fact that leftists tell us that the racism is at work.” – Tom Trinko, “Huge racial disparity in SF homeless must be due to racism, right?” – American Thinker, September 11th, 2019.

“In an non-insane world it’d be the other way around – America’s Whites would be seeking reparations from Blacks. Considering the trillions, yes, trillions of dollars they’ve spent on the futile attempt to ‘bridge the achievement gap’ between the races and to keeping Black criminals off the streets, the disruption suffered by having to flee neighbourhoods invaded by Blacks and seeing their kids dragged down academically and physically endangered through forced school integration. The potential claims list is endless.” – Bradford Hanson, “Reparations for slavery” – National Vanguard, September 2nd, 2019.

“All cultures are equal. At least, as things are going, they soon will be. But couldn’t they be equal somewhere else?… Month after month after month, surprising as sunrise, predictable as the value of pi, come the casualty reports documenting racial disaster. Details change. The substance does not. Gangs of American Africans beat whites into brain damage, often rape and sometimes torture, kill policemen, loot stores, burn our cities. Week after week sullen dark faces glare from mug shots. The stories run briefly in the local press and are disappeared.” – Fred Reed, “Dispatches from the race war” – The Unz Review, August 31st, 2019.

“At least eight illegal immigrants have been charged with rape or some other sexual crime in Montgomery County since July 25. In several cases, the victims have been underage girls – one of them was allegedly held at knifepoint as she was raped. The charges have drawn questions over the Promoting Community Trust Executive Order, an executive order signed by Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich in July that largely forbids local authorities from cooperating with ICE agents.” – Monica Showalter, “Spate of illegal alien rapes in sanctuary Montgomery County, Maryland draws large local protest” – American Thinker, September 14th, 2019.