Random Quotations – September 28th, 2019

Five items in total…

“Listening to her hate-filled verbal abuse dump at the U.N., it becomes clear why a neurological disorder that severely limits her capacity for empathy and emotional reciprocity with other people is a plus in her line of show biz. She celebrates her claim to great and unearned power. There’s a truism in family therapy that the one who has the most power is also the craziest. This has always been true of tyrants. It has become true on a global level for celebrities of the climate change apocalypse. Young rattles like Greta claim amazing powers of foresight and authority to tell other people how to live based on nothing but a stunning presentation of mass psychosis.” – Deborah C. Tyler, “Greta never had any dreams” – American Thinker, September 27th, 2019.

“If the Trudeau Liberals are willing to act like this during an election, and if they end up winning and getting rewarded for it, how much worse will they get?” – Spencer Fernando, “Trudeau is acting more like a dictator every day” – The Post Millennial, September 27th, 2019.

“Trudeau was unharmed, and the man who threw the eggs was pounced on by the Liberal leader’s security detail… According to Global News, it was confirmed the man had many eggs with him…” – Siddak Ahuja, “Breaking: Egg thrown at Justin Trudeau during Climate Strike” – The Post Millennial, September 28th, 3019.

“War. This is war against truths. This is a war against the highest noble man who has defended our country and made us safe and great again… Let me stand with our president. Let us all stand with our President Trump in a time of such evil words trying for impeachment.” – Actor Jon Voight, quoted by David Ng in “Jon Voight: Impeachment effort against Trump is ‘war against truths’.” – Breitbart, September 26th, 2019.

“The CSSA, which has coordinated closely with Chinese diplomatic officials, has tried to obscure their connections to the Chinese government while simultaneously surveilling and intimidating students on campus who speak out against the Chinese government” – Simranjeet Singh, a member of the Student Representative Assembly, quoted by Dylan Gibbons in “McMaster Student Union bans Chinese club over fears of being a China government proxy” – The Post Millennial, September 27th, 2019.