Random Quotations – Free Speech – October 8th, 2019.

Five items in total…

“Having learned their information would become accessible through public documents released by Elections Canada, some Canadian Nationalist Party supporters took the opportunity to learn more about Patron and renounce their support. Others reaffirmed their support, and will now face the social consequences of supporting a neo-Nazi party… We are providing information about these Canadian Nationalist Party members to journalists across the country and encouraging them to write stories naming neo-Nazi party supporters in their communities… We trust that friends, families, employers, and other members of the community will make it clear that their support for the Canadian Nationalist Party is absolutely unacceptable.” – Anti-Racist Canada, “The CNP eligible for official party status Part II: The list” – September 19th, 2019.

“We hardly consider this an accommodation if we’re being notified when it’s too late to find a replacement venue. We’ve spent money traveling to New York for this and invested in promoting the screening, all of which we hoped to compensate for through ticket sales.” – Siddak Ahuja, “Screening of Jordan Peterson movie cancelled because staff felt uncomfortable” – The Post Millennial, October 7th, 2019.

“Due to allowing Murphy to speak at the library, the entire entity of the Vancouver Public Library was not invited to the Vancouver Pride festivities this year… It is unknown whether or not Murphy would have breached the newly updated policy, or if the library will be invited to pride festivities next year.” – Jakob Glogauer, “Vancouver Library updates its regulations, claims it will not restrict freedom of expression” – The Post Millennial, October 7th, 2019.

“As we wrote yesterday, the Liberal government is currently planning to distribute $600 million to the struggling establishment media. Media labelled as ‘Qualified Canadian Journalism Organizations’ by the government will qualify. This massive media bailout appears to be just the beginning of an attempt for the government to manipulate and control the press… Not only has Prime Minister Trudeau made it clear what kind of journalism he prefers, but also which journalists he and his team seem willing to punish for holding the wrong views.” – Barrett Wilson, “Conservative journalist blocked by Trudeau campaign, detained and questioned by police” – The Post Millennial, September 24th, 2019.

“For years now, the hate-filled Leftist propaganda group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has defamed our American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), one of the foremost organizations fighting to preserve freedom in America today, as a ‘hate group.’ The smear has been irritating, but ultimately ineffective in stopping our work. Now, however, House Democrats are determined to change that: the Democrat-controlled House Ways and Means Committee has called for stripping tax-exempt status from 60 ‘hate groups,’ including AFDI…
They cannot refute us. They cannot defeat us. They cannot silence us. So they’re determined to destroy us.” – Pamela Geller, “They’re coming for us” – Jihad Watch, October 2nd, 2019.