Random Quotations – Free Speech – October 26th, 2019

Five items in total…

“We believe in free speech and we seek to primarily involve intellectuals in our work. Thus, you can immediately dismiss any descriptions of our meeting as a ‘demonstration’ and the antifa aggressors as ‘counter-demonstrators’ or ‘protesters.’ That is a false narrative trying to frame us as having the same status as the criminals who seek us out and attack our guests. These attacks are completely one-sided, since they came to us while we were having a private meeting.” – Fróði Midjord, “Copenhagen, a chaotic victory: Antifa fails to shut down the Scandza Forum” – Canadian Association for Free Expression, October 18th, 2019.

“Ultimately, free speech is hate speech, and hate speech is free speech. It’s for the speech you hate, the speech you revile. The alternative to free speech is approved speech, and that necessarily means approved by whom?” – Mark Steyn, quoted by Barrett Wilson in “Trudeau will censor your social media if re-elected” – The Post Millennial, October 20th, 2019.

“This is the wake up call to the greatest crisis in American history since slavery, and that is the assault on free speech, and I don’t exaggerate… I’ve been on radio 35 years, and I may be wrong, but I never exaggerate what I believe. There is no question to me this is the greatest threat to the fundamental value of America – liberty – in its history, and certainly since slavery.” – Dennis Prager, “No Safe Spaces film is ‘wake-up call to the greatest crisis in American history since slavery” – Breitbart, October 25th, 2019.

“Online ‘hate speech’ is currently an arrestable and jailable offense in the United Kingdom. There is an entire branch of law enforcement devoted to policing words on the internet. Many have received jail time over tweets and Facebook posts others did not agree with. How did this happen? Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 made this policing of words and subsequent punishment possible… An article published by the Independent claims ‘According to the Register, a total of 2,500 Londoners have been arrested over the past five years for allegedly sending ‘offensive’ messages via social media. In 2015, 857 people were detained, up 37 per cent increase since 2010’.” – H.K. Rivera, “Is ‘hate speech’ dangerous?” – American Thinker, October 19th, 2019.

“The point of contention between the cabal of writers and Murphy is the 2017 passing of bill C-16, which amended the Candian Human Rights Act. This amendment added ‘gender identity or expression’ to those characteristics that are protected from discrimination. Murphy aptly notes that this change was made in haste, without adequate consideration for the impact it would have on the rights of women and girls. The petitioners believe that raising concerns or having an open debate about the rights of women and girls is hate speech. This is exactly the kind of madness that was predicted by Jordan Peterson when he originally made headlines by opposing the bill.” – Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson, “Writers protest free speech at Toronto Library” – The Post Millennial, October 16th, 2019.