Random Quotations – Education – November 1st, 2019

Five items in total…

“They insist that more and more dropouts enter ‘higher education’ in order to ‘earn more money.’ But they fail to understand that this simply results in the dumbing down of higher education, the bachelor’s degree having far less value as employers lose faith… Already, employers are increasingly setting up their own systems of assessment, sometimes giving the job to a non-graduate. They are bypassing degrees and reverting to de facto apprenticeships, where they establish their own entry requirements and then train you on the job. Surveys have found that employers regard young college graduates as ‘deficient in such key workplace skills as written and oral communication, critical thinking and analytical reasoning’ – the very things that college was supposed to teach them.” – Lance Welton, “College bubble bursting – left hardest hit. Too bad” – Unz Review, October 6th, 2019. (An excellent expose, you can read it here.)

“Just when we thought colleges could not spout loonier ideas, we have a new one from American University. They hired a professor to teach other professors to grade students based on their ‘labour’ rather than their writing ability.” – Walter E. Williams, “Academic stupidity and brainwashing” – Toronto Sun, August 12th, 2019.

“We’re working to decolonialize teaching… We have chosen authors that are close to home, like Drew Hayden Taylor from Curve Lake First Nation.” – Jennifer Leclerc, director of education for Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, quoted by Jillian Follert in “Adieu, Shakespeare! Some Clarington students will read all Indigenous authors in Grade 1” – Durhamregion.com, September 27th, 2019.

“Put it this way: religion, race, evolution, gender, indigenous peoples, nuclear power, polar bears, deforestation. … Any views on these topics that don’t fall in line with the ‘consensus’ are taboo… Think the extent to which free speech has been banned from campuses across much of the West in the name of political correctness.” – University of Victoria professor Cornelis van Kooten, quoted by Dylan Gibbons in “Polar bear prof potentially punished for telling inconvenient truth” – The Post Millennial, October 28th, 2019.

“Instead of telling children they are going to die soon because of fossil fuels and scaring them into pledging not to have children, they should be taught that fossil fuels have increased the quality and length of life the last 150 years, and temperatures rise and fall naturally, as they always have. They should also be told the truth that CO2 is a clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas that makes plants thrive and allows the world to be fed.” – Jack Hellner, “Scaring the children on climate is cruel, cynical, and dangerous” – American Thinker, September 21st, 2019.