Random Quotations – November 24th, 2019

Six items in total…

“Thunberg is heralded as a visionary. Her mother, Melania Ernman, a noted opera singer in Sweden, says Greta ‘is one of the few people who can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how greenhouse gases pour out of our chimneys and rise into the wind, where they turn the atmosphere into a gigantic invisible garbage dump.’ I would love to ask my old physics professor about that claim.” – Peter Skurkiss, “Global warming, mental illness, and Greta Thunberg” – American Thinker, November 21st, 2019.

“While addressing a crowd at the Halifax International Security Forum in Halifax, Sajjan noted that the detention of two Canadian citizens in China was unwarranted, but that the relationship with China is still needed for co-operation on trade, according to AP.” – Roberto Wakerell-Cruz, “Canadian Defence Minister says China is not our adversary” – The Post Millennial, November 22nd, 2019.

“This latest Newsnight interview was ruthless. It had to be. But in agreeing to it Prince Andrew has effectively waved goodbye to his diplomatic immunity as a member of the Royal Family. Having agreed to speak to the public now he has no excuse not to speak to American investigators in the future. And he ought do it sooner rather than later.” – Christa Ackroyd, “Prince Andrew is the greatest threat to our monarchy since Oliver Cromwell” – Yorkshire Post, November 19th, 2019.

“Hillary has never seen an anti-Russian conspiracy theory she didn’t love, so it’s no surprise that she has leapt upon this story. It is ‘inexplicable and shameful’ that the government hasn’t released the report, she says. Apparently ‘there is a lot of evidence’ that Russia played a role in the vote for Brexit… For Hillary and other members and supporters of the old, exhausted liberal elite, Russia has become the explanation for everything that doesn’t go their way.” – Brendan O’Neill, “What Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand about Brexit” – The Spectator, November 14th, 2019.

“Similarly, non-Whites and other ‘oppressed’ groups won’t stop attacking White society as they’re given more power and privilege within it. Millions of deluded American Whites voted for the narcissistic non-entity Barack Obama in the hope that his presidency would create a ‘post-racial’ America where the noble dreams of the plagiarist and rape-enthusiast Martin Luther King would finally be realized. And what did those deluded Whites get in return for their votes? They got Black Lives Matter and an ever-increasing campaign of anti-White violence and vilification.” – Tobias Langdon, “Feeding the dragon: The left want power and revenge, not equality and justice” – Occidental Observer, November 11th, 2019.

“In November 2018, an email was sent to a senior staff member working at the Australian National University. Opening the email resulted in the attaining of access to the ANU network. The university subsequently decided that some 15 individuals have been involved in the operation deemed, in the words of ABC reporter Stephanie Borys, ‘so sophisticated’ as to leave ‘the nation’s leading security experts shocked.’ While ANU tiptoed around the issue of attribution, Tom Uren of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) nailed his colours to the mast. ‘It’s likely to be China, frankly, they’ve got strong interests in Australia for a number of different reasons’.” – Binoy Kampmark, “Open guidelines: The foreign interference problem in Australian universities” – CounterPunch, November 19th, 2019.