Random Quotations – LGBTQ – November 26th, 2019

Five items in total…

“Radical trans advocacy does more than steal women’s spaces, it makes them beg for those spaces to be stolen, on the basis of heartfelt care for the needs of others. That’s why the women’s movement has been at the forefront of trans advocacy. They’ve been manipulated into believing that it is the fair, equitable, thing to do… Many feminist women who believe in women’s rights believe that those rights should be extended to men who claim to be women. We keep seeing this happen, and we keep seeing the women who say ‘hold on a second’ get insulted, labelled as prejudiced, fired from their jobs, released from the good graces of society.” – Libby Emmons, “Girls need their own private spaces – the push for gender-neutral change rooms is wrong” – The Post Millennial, November 20th, 2019.

“However, the real benefit transgender women experience, according to recent studies by Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet, a leading medical university, is found in their masculine bone structure and upper body strength. This develops throughout puberty, making current testosterone levels largely insignificant.” – Ned Barnett. “Transgenderism and the Olympics” – American Thinker, November 26th, 2019.

“There’s no question we know that, as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are… There are lots of articles and newscasts about Chick-fil-A, and we thought we needed to be clear about our message.” – Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos, quoted by John Nolte in “Chick-fil-A sells out the Christian faith for greed” – Breitbart, November 19th, 2019.

“Chick-fil-A has sacrificed its Christian fans in favor of an outraged mob that will stop at nothing to destroy them… [CEO Dan] Cathy said the Christian fans have been great, but it’s boring just having loyal fans who support you through thick and thin, and he’d much rather have fans who stage die-ins and cancel you when you don’t cave in.” – Ezra Dulis, “GLAAD: Chick-Fil-A cave not enough, must disavow itself” – Breitbart, November 19th, 2019.

“As a result, the company will no longer give money to organizations including the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Paul Anderson Youth Home… In 2018, Chick-fil-A gave $115,000 to the Salvation Army for the Angel Tree program, which provided gifts for 11,000 children during the holiday season. The fast-food chain also gave $1.65 million to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to provide underserved youth with week-long summer sports camps at historically black colleges and universities (HCBU).” – David Ng, “Chick-fil-A will stop donating to Salvation Army, Christian athletes following LGBT pressure” – Breitbart, November 18th, 2019.