Random Quotations – Anti-White Racism – Dec. 6th, 2019

Five items in total…

“I want the hatred you have for Maxime Bernier to wash over you as a purifying force… We actually have a white supremacist trying to become prime minister of Canada. I’ve run campaigns depicting Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, Kim Campbell, depicting them as racists… None of them were. But I was successful at depicting them as racists…” – Warren Kinsella, quoted by Jason Unrau in “Warren Kinsella’s $1-million lawsuit against Project Cactus ‘leaker’ ends in settlement” – The Post Millennial, November 30th, 2019.

“This is more than an issue of Confederate history, though it is that. White people as an identifiable group are being demonized in preparation for our planned death; and we are no longer permitted to memorialize our dead and fallen, our great men and women, if our would-be executioners proclaim them to have committed the ‘sin’ of wanting the hated White race to survive.” – Rosemary W. Pennington, “NC: Your dead shall be forgotten; Another monument removed” – National Vanguard, December 6th, 2019.

“Chicago DA Kim Foxx, famous for dropping all charges against Jussie Smollett in an act of corruption that shocked everyone, received $408,000 from Soros’ PAC in her race. Foxx’s re-election effort is being massively bankrolled by Jewry, with Fred Eyechaner giving her $811,000, Michael Sacks pitching in $212,250 and Michael Rubin contributing $105,800 – they seem to like what she’s doing… A number of wealthy and powerful people are coalescing to create a system where a black man can kill a white person, argue that said white person said the ‘N-word,’ and get off scott free.” – Eric Striker, “The new sheriff in town” – The Unz Review, November 28th, 2019.

“And what better way to undermine national and racial identity than to engage in a massive program of population transfer? Those of widely differing culture and race should be encouraged or compelled to come here. Bring them by the millions! Don’t ever give the people a chance to vote on your population transfer – they might vote against it. Make it illegal to resist the population transfer – call such resistance discrimination. Create the impression in people’s minds that those who want to preserve the traditional makeup of their nation are evil racists.” – Kevin Alfred Strom, “Is it all an accident?” – National Vanguard “classical essays” (1993), November 30th, 2019.

“Based on the false premise of equality, there is currently a movement throughout the country to reduce non-white incarceration rates. Not through the reduction in crime, but through the non-prosecution of crimes committed by non-whites, by releasing criminals from prison early, and by punishing white victims of non-white perpetrators who call the police when under threat. There is an underlying subtext that crime is not really crime, so long as the victim of that crime is a white person who, by virtue of that original sin, deserves whatever might be perpetrated upon them… So as much as possible, avoid dangerous situations with people who will be allowed to harm you with impunity, and have been led through indoctrination to believe harming you is even a virtuous act.” – John Young, “The consequences of indoctrination” – Western Voices World News, November 20th, 2019.