The Death of General Soleimani

This is a massively significant event, and the following is a snapshot of my thoughts and opinions on what may happen next.

This assassination will be seen by Muslims the world over as an attack on them all, carried out by the reviled Great Satan. Any Muslim from any country may react, and we can expect to see terrorist actions for which the Iranians will have absolutely no knowledge or blame.

Iran has been given no choice but to respond, and my expectation is that we will soon see major terrorist events in Europe and North America, as well as attacks on U.S. and other forces in the Middle East, very likely including false-flag operations by Israel.

It is significant that Russia, China, and Iran have recently been ganging up together against an increasingly aggressive America. This greatly increases the possibility of errors and mistakes.

Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran, and they will do absolutely everything they can to get the U.S. to do their dirty work for them.

Israel has a number of nuclear weapons and missiles, together with submarines that can deliver nukes anywhere in the world. I believe that a long-term Israeli objective is to have the U.S. and the Russians nuke each other into oblivion, and thus we may well see a false-flag attack intended to trigger such an event.

The world has just become a much more dangerous place, and as Israel has firm control over both Trump and the U.S., the killing of General Soleimani may well be just Part One of God-knows-what horrors may have been planned for us.

Jeff Goodall.