Random Quotations – LGBTQ – January 8th, 2020

Five items in total…

“The commission had improperly dismissed the employee’s discrimination complaint based on sexual orientation, in this case for being straight, the Federal Court of Canada ruled… A new investigation and reassessment was ordered.” – Adrian Humphreys, “Court sides with bank staffer who says he was denied promotion because he’s not gay” – National Post, December 9, 2019.

“Well surprise, surprise. LGBT enforcers are banging on the door of the Hallmark Channel, demanding entry. LGBT enforcers demand a presence everywhere, even in Christian churches… Interestingly, LGBT enforcers do not dare attempt to force entrance into Muslim institutions. Islam has zero tolerance for homosexuality. Some Islamic countries sentence homosexuals to death… The good news is people are finally waking up and fighting back against LGBT tyranny.” – Lloyd Marcus, “Not pushing back fuels LGBT tyranny” – American Thinker, January 8th, 2020.

“When I transitioned 6 years ago, I remember being fearful of receiving rejection because of who I was. Now, I find myself fearful of rejection because of who trans activists have led the general public to believe I am. The push for 5-year-olds to transition, mandatory dating of trans people (unless you want to be called a bigot), and forced acceptance of biological males destroying female athletes in sports are among the most toxic ideas pushed by trans activists in 2019.” – Blaire White, “This is the reason why LGBT acceptance is declining” – The Post Millennial, December 9th, 2019.

“I am profoundly ashamed that city hall is willing to sponsor a trans day of remembrance in a building that has police… [This building] has humans that are not on the side of the liberation of my sisters and my children… You are telling me, you’re gonna light up city hall to honour black and brown trans women, you’re gonna light up a city hall that has police, and police are apart of the problem. They kill my families. They make it unsafe to live.” – Trans activist Amy Heart, quoted by Roberto Wakerell-Cruz in “Watch: Trans activists protest city’s Transgender Remembrance Day because it’s not good enough” – The Post Millennial, December 5th, 2019.

“A bright and impressionable child, N informed her parents that her teacher had told the class that ‘Girls are not real and boys are not real.’ The teacher meant, of course, that biology is not an indicator of a child’s gender identity, a concept N was too cognitively immature to grasp at age six, and so found very frightening… the School Board is taking the line that the gender-identity law only offers protection to those who are historically disadvantaged. Basically, they’re saying it’s too bad if N was distressed by the lesson plans, but the school’s greater obligation (is) to ensure that dysphoric kids feel included.” – Barbara Kay, “Ontario mother starts new project to fight radical trans ideology” – The Post Millennial, December 9th, 2019.