Anti-Racist Canada – Richard Warman?

On August 12th last year, Global News advised us that “Justice of the Peace Stephanie Goffin-Boyd on Monday ordered Kevin Goudreau, head of the Canadian National Front, to enter into the peace bond, which requires he ‘keeps the peace and is of good behaviour’ and abides by four conditions for 12 months, including not making violent threats online or otherwise towards Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman, and other board members with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network”, and that “In June, Warman asked the Ottawa court to issue a peace bond that would order Goudreau, who resides in Peterborough, Ont., to cease making threats online against him. Warman, who is a board member with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, said police had repeatedly declined to lay charges against Goudreau…” (Emphasis added in this and in the following paragraph) (1).

Two months earlier, on June 13th, the Anti-Racist Canada blog had advised us that “Kevin ‘No Show’ Goudreau may finally be facing the consequences years (sic) of making online threats. Today he was served by Peterborough Police with a summons to appear this morning for a peace bond hearing in Ottawa on June 25th… The peace bond is reference to these posts in which he threatened yours truly and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) as well as journalists and occurred in the aftermath of the Christchurch murders…” (2).

That seems to me to be credible evidence that Richard Warman may be the primary moving force behind the ever-anonymous ARC.

I stand ready to be corrected.

Jeff Goodall.

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(2) – Here.