Random Quotations – Free Speech – February 3rd, 2020

Six items in total…

“Today, the Jewish community in the United States, which has wrongfully earned a reputation for harboring civil libertarian views, has been at war with the very concept of the First Amendment… Whether it’s former CEO of the National Constitution Center Richard Stengel writing opinion pieces calling for hate speech laws, or Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League calling on Congress to act against ‘anti-Semitic’ opinions on the internet, it’s clear that the Jewish community no longer respects this freedom and is working tirelessly to abolish it.” – Eric Striker, “Inside the war to take away our free speech” – Unz Review, January 21st, 2020.

“Unfortunately, this is the best strategy we have right now for dealing with extremism online… They shouldn’t be on mainstream platforms for laypeople to stumble across, but it’s clear that by removing them from these spaces, they’re bound to go somewhere else.” – Prof. Ryan Scrivens of the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice, quoted by Stewart bell in “Kicked off Facebook, Canadian far-right groups resurface on the internet’s fringes” – Global News, February 3rd, 2020.

“The appropriate response to violent extremists who threaten access to information in the academy is not to give in to their demands by cancelling the event. As is demonstrated over-and-over elsewhere, appeasing Antifa ideologues only emboldens them to make more demands. Their goal is to silence opposition through intimidation and violence.” – Andy Ngo, quoted by Barrett Wilson in “UBC refuses to reinstate Andy Ngo’s lecture, legal action to commence” – The Post Millennial, January 13th, 2019.

“…Massey said that ‘social justice indoctrination is what makes editors terrified. As soon as they get an email or a tweet saying you published an abuser they just want to wipe their hands of it immediately.’ They don’t bother to look into it, or ask Massey, or dig any further. Instead, these poetry magazines do what the spineless internet vigilantes tell them to. ‘They’ve been able to weaponize this new political regime,’ Massey said.” – Libby Emmons, “American poet mobbed yet again by woke cultists” – The Post Millennial, February 2nd, 2020.

“It’s unsettling to observe how much power the panelists are seeking for the new ‘Canadian Communications Commission,’ as the CRTC is proposed to be renamed. Its remit would extend to ‘audio, audiovisual as well as news content,’ including pure text. ‘Media content undertakings’ generating significant Canadian revenue would be required to register with the agency, and subject themselves to Canadian content requirements and a vaguely defined regime of content control described under the Orwellian heading of ‘social harms’.” – Jonathan Kay, “The federal government’s unsettling communications power grab” – National Post, January 31st, 2020.

“The Sweden of today is a globalist country. The establishment is comprised of globalists, from the media to the politicians. Sweden’s constitutional laws have even been re-written to suit the globalists; for example, when it was enshrined in the constitution that Sweden would be a multicultural country and a member of the EU… Only when the entire population thinks exactly as those who rule desire them to will the restrictions cease. Only when every individual applauds the globalist agenda and their own national destruction will the witch hunt be over.” – Simon Lindberg, “The death of Nordic free speech and democratorship’s complete takeover” – Nordic Resistance Movement, September 12th, 2019. (A fascinating article, you can read it here.)