Trudeau Tries to License the Internet…

“You remember the $600-million media bailout the Liberals announced in 2018?
That was the carrot.
Be nice and you will get subsidies.
Now comes the stick.
Yesterday, Heritage minister Steven Guilbeault said on TV that all websites offering content on the Internet, including small ones, would henceforth need licencing from the government.
And presumably, those that are not nice could lose their licence.
Today, after a deluge of criticism, including mine and those of countless PPC supporters on social media, he backtracked.
He said he had ‘no intention’ of regulating media and believes in a ‘free and independent press.’
Yeah, right.
The Liberals’ authoritarian streak is showing more and more.
They clearly want to control the media.
It didn’t work this time, but they will try again.
And the only thing that will stop them is if Canadians push back.”

Maxime Bernier / People’s Party of Canada email subscription message, February 3rd, 2020.

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Gee, maybe I had better get a license while I still can!

Jeff Goodall.