Random Quotations

Five items in total…

“Harry and Meghan have begun their new careers as post-national corporate hood ornaments.” – Deborah C. Tyler, “Harry’s and Meghan’s ‘geographic balance’ as post-national parasitism” – American Thinker, February 6, 2020 .

“Humans can’t control the temperature of the sun, tilt of the sun, solar activity, distance the Earth is from the sun, daily rotation of the Earth, annual orbit of the Earth, high tides, low tides, the Jetstream, El Nino, or La Nina but we are told that if we give politicians and bureaucrats trillions of dollars they can control the sea level, temperature and sea levels forever. Does that make sense?” – Jack Hellner, “Global warming’s 50 years of fraud” – American Thinker, February 7th, 2020.

“In the biological and intellectual sphere, we have seen IQs steadily decline since mid-19th century. This has no doubt been masked to a considerable extent by improvements in nutrition and healthcare, resulting in longer lifespans. On the other hand, feminism and women’s sexual liberation have aggravated the decline: Low-IQ women breed prolifically, while high-IQ women influenced by feminism delay marriage for the sake of careers and education. It does not take a fertile imagination to realize the kind of dysgenic effect this has on society.” – Ferdinand Bardamu, “The “New Dark Ages” in Western Europe and North America: Comparisons with the fall of Rome” – Occidental Observer, February 1st, 2020.

“The case, which has not been reported until now, is yet another example of China’s increasing efforts to acquire American military technology. The country’s security services have already compromised dozens of crucial US weapons systems, such as the Army’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) ballistic missile defense system, and the Aegis ballistic missile defense system… In 2018, Chinese hackers stole top-secret plans for a supersonic anti-ship missile being developed by the Navy known as Sea Dragon. The intruders reportedly managed to get massive amounts of sensitive signals and sensor data, in addition to the Navy’s entire electronic warfare library.” – Justin Rohrlich & Tim Fernholz, “Raytheon engineer arrested for taking US missile defense secrets to China” – Quartz, February 12st, 2020.

“As detailed by James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and author of 57 peer-reviewed publications, an analysis of the gene sequence for the coronavirus finds a peculiar sequence called ‘pShuttle-SN.’ This sequence is is the remnant of a genetic engineering sequence that’s used to insert genes into viruses and bacteria. It provides irrefutable ‘open source’ proof that the coronavirus now circulating in the wild was engineered in a laboratory. Every lab that has the gene sequence can see this for themselves. It’s right out in the open, which is why we describe this revelation as ‘open source’.” – Mike Adams, “New evidence emerges: Coronavirus ‘bioweapon’ might have been a Chinese vaccine experiment gone wrong… genes contain ‘pShuttle-SN’ sequences, proving laboratory origin” – Natural News, February 2nd, 2020.