Random Quotations – LGBTQ – February 9th, 2020

Five items in total…

“28-year-old Jay, Sharpe’s partner, was born a woman but has had a double mastectomy and now identifies as ‘non-binary’, so the pair had to inseminate Sharpe using donor sperm – which was provided by a trans woman who had retained their male sexual organs.” – Jack Montgomery, “UK: Trans ‘man’ with ‘non-binary’ partner gives birth using ‘female’ sperm donor” – Breitbart, December 29th, 2019.

“New York State is the progressive capital of the nation, and while we are winning the legal battle for justice for the LGBTQ community, in many ways we are losing the broader war for equality…” – New York gov. Andrew Cuomo, quoted by Katherine Rodriguez in “Democrat gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to rename Brooklyn park after trans activist” – Breitbart, February 2nd, 2020.

“Pulling back the curtain on Evans’ regrets, and others like her, couldn’t come at a worse time for the LGBTQ community. They literally can’t afford to have hundreds of ‘retransitioning’ transsexuals come between them and their dream of getting more taxpayers to foot the bill for sex-change procedures… Apparently ‘former transsexuals’ fail to fit their romanticized narrative on how to achieve ‘gender inclusivity’.” – Robyn Dolgin, “Shoving ‘transgender regret’ back in the closet” – American Thinker, January 9th, 2020.

“Coercion, whether by government or by a corporation, will create not respect, but rather resentment.Can anyone seriously believe that a relationship conceived by compulsion and born in deception will engender respect? Only truth deserves dignity and respect. And it is only in an environment of truth and transparency that compassion, effective care for those suffering from dysphoria, and appropriate policies will ensue.” – Jay Tucker, “Lincoln’s wisdom applies to gender identity” – American Thinker, February 9th, 2020.

“On their own terms, a non-binary person is someone who identifies as neither man nor woman, male nor female. Meanwhile, a gay, lesbian, or homosexual person is a man or woman attracted exclusively to members of their own sex. Definitionally, this means you cannot be gay unless you identify as a man, nor lesbian unless you identify as a woman… So, no, you cannot be a non-binary lesbian. To claim otherwise is to erase the very definition of what it means to be gay…” – Brad Polumbo, “The ‘non-binary homosexuality’ trend erases gay people” – The Post Millennial, January 11th, 2020.