Random Quotations – Racial Issues – March 23rd, 2020

Five items in total…

“When whites kill people for racial reasons it is front-page stuff and cause for agonized self-examination. When blacks or Hispanics kill whites for racial reasons there is silence… what are we to make of the fact that more than half of the victims of black violence are white, while only 2.4 percent of the victims of white violence are black? How much of this difference is due to anti-white racism?… When a black kills a white, it’s homicide; when a white kills a black, it’s racism… Blacks are eight times more likely than whites to be in jail, four times more likely to have illegitimate children, and four and a half times more likely to be on welfare. If white racism is what causes all this, there must be an enormous amount of it around.” – William Robertson Boggs, “The racial politics of murder” – American Renaissance, December, 1990. (You can read this excellent article here.)

“27% of the UK’s prison population is nonwhite compared with 13% in the general population. That is more than a 100% over-representation. Note that 1% of prisoners refuse to give an ethnicity statement so this number could be as high as 28% of the prison population. The majority white population is under-represented in prison in stark contrast by over 20% under-represented proving how the biggest indicator of criminality per capita is race.” – English News, “Open borders kill” – March 5th, 2020.

“One of the most prominent African-American organizations is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP. The organization had numerous Jewish founding members such as professor Joel Spingarn, Rabbi Stephen Wise, banker Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, and Emil G. Hirsch. This organization was so thoroughly dominated by Jews that from 1915 until 1975 every president was Jewish.” – Eternal Forms, “Jewish activists and White institutions” – March, 2020.

“The center of the American political spectrum, for now, still rests a fair distance from ‘social democracy,’ and is approximately in the hands of low-information voters. There is something to be said about the remarkable ability of Black voters to consolidate around a candidate once there are no Black candidates left in a race. All candidates pander to Blacks, but Biden has been the huge winner in the primaries so far, and it just may have had something to do with him being half of the Ebony and Ivory ticket that swept to power in 2008…. At the time, I couldn’t help but see him as Obama’s ankle bracelet while in the White House.” – Tom Zaja, “Bernie Bros, Hillary Hoes & Biden Jonestowners” – Occidental Observer, March 16th, 2020.

“Years later I found myself working at a ‘diverse’ school in Maryland. The difference could not have been starker. Assigning homework was a waste of time. Many black students fantasize about having the sort of thuggish life glamorized in rap, and are completely uninterested in anything outside of it. Rap is all they listen to and all they talk about… The first step in any attempt to improve black schools has to be an honest acknowledgement of these facts. The foremost problem isn’t even the low IQ blacks have relative to whites, the big issue is their violent habits, bolstered by broken homes, a lack of role models, and music that glorifies criminality and cruelty.” – Don Brandy, “What it’s like to teach Whites . . . and what it’s like to teach Blacks” – American Renaissance, March 14th, 2020.