Random Quotations – Islam – March 27th, 2020

Five items in total…

“He has stated as a reason for his actions that he was angry and cursed because a Norwegian man had set fire to the Koran, without the police having done anything about it… Of course the police did nothing about it, because Norway is not a Sharia state, not yet anyway, and the burning of any book, while a despicable and stupid act, is not illegal. This migrant assumes that Norway should be, and should now become, a Sharia state.” – Translation from Norwegian, “Norway: Muslim migrant sets fire to two churches in revenge for alleged Qur’an-burning by Norwegian” – Jihad Watch, March 24th, 2020.

“You have this absurd situation where the scheme is set up to help Syrian refugees and the people most in need, Christians who have been ‘genocided,’ they can’t even get into the U.N. camps to get the food. If you enter and say I am a Christian or convert, the Muslim U.N. guards will block you….” – British human rights lawyer Paul Diamond in CBN News, quoted by Raymond Ibrahim in “Please, please help us! The persecution of Christians: December 2019” – Gatestone Institute, March 15th, 2020.

“The Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) ruled that, according to the law in Hesse, legal trainees have a duty to conduct themselves neutrally with respect to religion and that, when wearing a headscarf, the complainant was therefore barred from performing any tasks in the course of which she might be perceived as being a representative of the justice system or the state… The complainant filed an appeal, which was rejected by the Hesse Higher Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgerichtshof). She then filed an appeal with the Federal Constitutional Court, which affirmed the lower court rulings.” – Soeren Kern , “German court blocks attempt to enshrine Sharia law” – The Jewish Voice, March 5th, 2020.

The environment of hate in Turkey is the reason for these attacks… But this hateful environment did not emerge out of nowhere. The seeds of this hatred are spread, beginning at primary schools, through books printed by the Ministry of National Education portraying Christians as enemies and traitors. The indoctrination continues through newspapers and television channels in line with state policies. And of course, the sermons at mosques and talk at coffee houses further stir up this hatred… And even more disturbing is the fact that the perpetrators are either not caught, or not brought to account even when they are caught…” – Journalist Seyfi Genç, quoted by Uzay Bulut in “Attacks on Christian cemeteries alarm Turkey’s Christians” – Ahval, March 14th, 2020.

“According to the news portal Katerina Magasin, third-graders were forced to confess to Islam and Allah in a letter during a lesson in religious studies. Among other things, the nine-year-olds had to write ‘I belong to Islam’… Anamaria von Roteliuc, the mother of a nine-year-old girl, told the magazine the pupils also had to participate in a prayer, while a minaret call was played in the classroom. Furthermore, the children had to colour a mosque on a piece of paper… When students questioned whether they really had to participate in the activities, the teacher responded that they had to. According to von Roteliuc, who also detailed the ordeal in a Facebook post, the teacher threatened her daughter with detention if she refused to participate in the task. The girl initially refused to pledge allegiance to Allah, but had to to write ‘I belong to Islam’ in the end.” – Sputnik News, “Forced Islamisation at Swedish school as 9-year-olds confess to Allah in religious studies” – March 6th, 2020.

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