Random Quotations – Racial Issues – May 10th, 2020

Four items in total…

“The Chinese do not believe in the stupid ‘magic soil’ idea that liberal Europeans have, which is meant to transform the ethnic Other into the Same. The Chinese have a name for such moral buffoonery: ‘baizuo’ meaning ‘White Left’. And now the Chinese are supposedly giving aid to countries with the virus, but this is done not to try to make amends for what is their virus, but to gain favour with those countries in order to colonise them, as they have done Australia and large parts of Africa. By practicing ethnic collectivism while the West practices laissez-faire individualism, China knows there can only be one winner. This is the short-sightedness of anyone espousing so-called libertarian ideals. One man alone generally does not fare well fighting against a gang.” – Mjolnir Magazine, “Coronavirus avarice and the madness of globalism” – April 3rd, 2020.

“Discrimination is a pattern of behavior by which we try to keep ourselves safe. We discriminate in our food choices because we don’t want to eat poisonous matter. We discriminate in what we buy because we want our earned money to do us as much good as it can… Likewise, we engage in racial discrimination for the same reasons. Even those of us who denounce it as an evil, ‘racist’ practice do it when they choose to live in areas that are highly racially filtered. If we can, we send our children to schools in which students from races having conspicuous bad behavior problems are scarcely represented. We do this to keep ourselves and our families safe.” – Bradford Hanson, “For discriminating thinkers” – National Vanguard, May 5th, 2020.

“Would White people in America remain afraid and unresponsive, paralyzed by Semitophobia, as ‘White supremacists’ are herded into American gulags? Would Americans remain docile, limp with Semitophobia as their Second Amendment rights were stripped piecemeal over time? Or would they take up arms and fight a civil war to retain that right of self-protection? Will Americans allow George Soros to fund Antifa to the point that it is a mass rampage vandalizing whole cities and marching as lynch mobs against ‘White supremacists’, a neo-communist revolution destroying America, or will they overcome Semitophobia to take back the streets and make them safe again for right-wing Whites who love their country and people? ” – George Mackenzie, “Semitophobia” – Occidental Observer, April 2nd, 2020. (You can read this excellent article here.)

“In a system subject to unpredictable, unequally applied whims, people are paralyzed. That’s why it’s important to have judges that (a) know both case law and statutory law, (b) respect the law and have the will to apply it equally, and (c) have the intelligence and education to analyze cases and determine the correct law… These three qualities are abstracts that apply regardless of a judge’s race, color, creed, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, leftism, with its commitment to identity politics, has stripped the law of these reliable absolutes. Instead, it cares little whether a judge knows the law, respects the law, applies the law, or has functional knowledge and intelligence. The only thing that matters to the left is ticking off those little identity politics boxes.” – Andrea Widburg, “For leftists, the rule of law must give way to the law of diversity” – American Thinker, April 20th, 2020.