Random Quotations – May 24th, 2020

Five items in total…

“The national security plans have been named ‘Project Defend’ and include finding Britain’s economic weak spots that could be vulnerable to foreign governments that may be potentially hostile… One report noted that there have been two working groups put in place in order to diversify supply lines so the country can be less dependent on specific nations when it comes to non-food essentials.” – Sam McGriskin, “UK PM Boris Johnson orders an end to reliance on Chinese imports” – The Post Millennial, May 22nd, 2020.

“We’re going after Virginia, with your crazy governor. We’re going after Virginia. They want to take your Second Amendment away, you know that. You’ll have nobody guarding your potatoes.” – President Trump, quoted by Cam Edwards in “King Ralph thinks the Second Amendment is small potatoes” – bearingarms.com, May 20th, 2020.

“The Chinese Communist Party has a long history of ignoring the rules. The draft ‘security law’ expected to be rubber-stamped by the National People’s Congress effectively imposes martial law on the people of Hong Kong, and Canadians and supporters of freedom everywhere should be very concerned… Our Prime Minister has said he admires China’s ‘basic dictatorship’, and he trusted the Chinese Regime when it was clear they were lying to the world… While other leaders like the UK’s Boris Johnson are charting a new path in their relationship with the Chinese Regime, Trudeau refuses to even criticize them for covering up the initial COVID-19 outbreak.” – Extract from Erin O’Toole’s email subscriber message of May 22nd, 2020.

“In civil discourse, we must be able to disagree and to make our case without reducing American voters to the color of their skin. Biden’s statement is the epitome of arrogance and condescension. He challenged millions of black Americans – the descendants of slaves – to choose between our right to think for ourselves and our identities… Biden backpedaled on his offensive comment later in the day after he got a well-deserved torrent of criticism. ‘I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy …. No one should have to vote for any party based on their race or religion or background,’ he said in a desperate effort at damage control’.” – John James, “John James: Hey, Joe Biden, I’m black enough to think for myself” – Fox News, May 24th, 2020.

“Women were accorded full suffrage in 1919, another watershed in American history. This would have far reaching consequences for contemporary US politics. Female suffrage would shift electoral voting patterns in a more leftward direction… The next piece of momentous legislation was the Civil Rights Act, passed in 1964, which dismantled racial segregation in the South, putting an end to freedom of association. Barry Goldwater, who opposed the Civil Rights Act because it violated states’ rights, lost the 1964 election to Lyndon Johnson, the architect of the modern American welfare state. In 1965, Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act, delivering the final death knell to what was left of the old republic.” – Ferdinand Bardamu, “The end of American empire?” – Occidental Observer, May 23rd, 2020.