Heading Says It All – May 25th, 2020

Nine items in total…

“Twitter is not to be trusted when it comes to misinformation” here.

“Saying Wuhan virus is now racist but saying German measles is still okay” here.

“Lesbians removed from Australian Pride for ‘transphobia’” here.

“Swedish populist leader reported to police for handing out ‘Sweden is full’ flyers” here.

“Islamists hurl stones, shoes at Women’s Day marchers in Pakistan” here.

“Breast deal in town: Boober Eats sends topless strippers with food to hungry Oregonians” here.

“Arizona: Muslim students threaten to kill prof for suggesting Islam is violent” here.

“Toronto mayor apologizes for not wearing a mask while criticizing others for not wearing a mask” here.

“Man holds woman captive, forces her to watch ‘Roots’ to ‘better understand her racism’: Iowa police” here.