Random Quotations – Racial Issues – August 8th, 2020

Four items in total…

“Later in the 1970s the problem of the poor performance of black children in school became so widespread that the Government set up a committee to investigate its causes. In 1984 the committee published a report that included a paper by Nicholas Mackintosh, professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge, and his colleague Nicholas Mascie-Taylor, in which they concluded that the problem was that the average IQ of black children was 88 and that of Indians and Pakistanis 98, in relation to a white average of 100. This report – astoundingly candid for a government document – was tucked away in an appendix and has been consistently ignored.” – Richard Lynn, “The racial transformation of Britain” – American Renaissance, July 19th, 2020.

“I’m a little older now, and people are always asking me when I’m gonna have some babies, said the 40-year-old actress to Carmelo Anthony on his YouTube series, ‘What’s in Your Glass’. Tiffany Haddish suggested that if she were to have children, they wouldn’t be able to make it in the United States without being ‘hunted or killed’ due to their skin color.” – Alana Mastrangelo, “Actress Tiffany Haddish afraid to have children: They’re gonna be hunted or killed because of racism” – Breitbart, July 29th, 2020.

“My opinions regarding race haven’t changed much since then, except in one appreciable way: after listening to white advocates for the last few years I have realized that if/when America’s demographics shift from majority white to majority non-white, our institutions – our laws, our Constitution, even capitalism – will not save us. Whites founded America, and they are the only race capable of maintaining America. America is white. White is the prerequisite for all the other freedoms and luxuries we enjoy. When white people go, all the benefits of white society will go along with them. Demography is destiny. If that makes me ‘racist’ so be it.” – John Malt, “My racial awakening” – American Renaissance, August 1st, 2020.

“The deadliest question is how to accommodate blacks. One mustn’t say what everyone knows, that blacks are the least educable, least productive, most criminal, most violent, most dependent, and least assimilable of the population. If anything can be done about any of these, it won’t be, because no one is permitted to name the problem…. Statues come down if blacks don’t like them. Universities abandon teaching English grammar because blacks can’t understand it. Whites are fired for saying, ‘All lives matter.’ The country lowers standards for blacks in medical schools, lowers required scores on the bar exam for them. High schools give diplomas to blacks who can barely read.” – Fred Reed, “It’s gonna blow” – Unz Review, July 30th, 2020.