Random Quotations – Progressivism – August 16th, 2020

Four items in total…

“However, my research suggests that the few mourners actually in attendance were there only to be sure she was really dead, and the only tribute I’m aware of was by the New York Times. As a kind of obituary, the Jewish Womens’ Organisation claims Goldman’s ‘advocacy of … sexual freedom helped to shape modern American society’, while failing to note that America’s resulting new shape was not necessarily a blessing… Wikipedia doesn’t want to be left out of this whitewashing parade, informing us solemnly that Emma Goldman ‘was an important contributor to several fields of modern political philosophy’, leaving our imaginations to identify those fields and deduce her contribution.” – Larry Romanoff, “The pleasures of depopulating the Earth” – Unz Review, July 31st, 2020.

“Future historians will surely marvel at how the death of a convicted violent felon – quite possibly due to a drug-overdose – in ultra-liberal Minneapolis soon led to removal of so many of our most celebrated American presidents from their traditional places of honor and cast down statues of Christopher Columbus all across our country, perhaps eventually even culminating in the destruction of fabled Mount Rushmore.” – Ron Unz, “The political bankruptcy of American White Nationalism” – The Unz Review, July 27th, 2020.

“Every institution down to public education and the nature of work itself is being challenged, revised and callously savaged. Our history, our icons, our heroes, our customs and our traditions are all under fire. We’re no longer one people sharing a mutual culture, background and ideology, but contemptable slave traders and racists undeserving of basic security, undeserving of respect, and undeserving of even our own account of how the country was formed, who assisted in its creation, and upon which principles the state was built. All of that is now being wiped clean, erased by faceless group of scheming elites who operate behind the smokescreen of media propaganda, political chicanery and, now, a ‘racial justice’ movement.” – Mike Whitney, “Crash the economy, burn the cities, infect the people: the evil plan to remake America” – Unz Review, July 28th, 2020.

“In Chicago, Portland, and other cities around the country, chaos grips the streets. At the same time, governments and their chosen instruments are cracking down on law-abiding Americans’ rights to own guns, speak online, and defend themselves. Naïve normies wonder why Americans aren’t rising up to defend themselves and their heritage. They forget that nationalists already did that at Charlottesville and the state destroyed them… Antifa and other troublemakers correctly drew three conclusions… First, local governments will not enforce the law against them… Second, journalists will cover for them… Third, the state will crack down on anyone who tries to stop them… The appalling truth: you are far more likely to be arrested by police if you go to a pro-police rally than if you dress in all black and smash windows in Chicago and Portland.” – Charlotteville survivor, “Charlottesville after three years: Dress rehearsal for 2020’s nation-wide communist coup” – Unz Review, August 11th, 2020.