Random Quotations – Progressivism – September 7th, 2020

Five items in total…

“If you’re looking for a truly powerful pleasure-drug, then forget heroin, cocaine or crystal meth… No, for a real rush that’s guaranteed not to fade or falter, you need what Black Lives Matter (BLM) and their allies are on… narcissism, self-righteousness and malice… you can receive full instructions in their use from the most prestigious and respected institutions in the Western world. From the Ivy League to Oxbridge, from the New York Times to the Guardian, from the ADL to the BBC, expert drug-dealers are ready and eager to teach you everything you need to know about where to obtain your supplies and how to inject.” – Tobias Langdon, “Black brains shatter: The intellectual and ethical bankruptcy of Black Lives Matter” – Occidental Observer, August 27th, 2020.

“This was not a robbery, a mugging or a clash between gang members. It was a political ‘hit’ executed by a remorseless assassin who believed he was fulfilling his moral obligation by exterminating someone he considered an enemy of humanity.” – Mike Whitney, “Tipping point? Man shot-dead in Portland for backing Trump” – Unz Review, August 30th, 2020.

“People need (to) wake up and realize the reason why antifa/BLM is able to get away with months of unprovoked violence is because they are doing what the partisans of the current system want them to do. They are serving the system. They are destroying small businesses while the big businesses that fund the political class are skating free.” – John Young, “If it were us, there would have been air strikes” – Western Voices World News, August 20th, 2020.

“Even as the rioters in Minneapolis and other cities savaged businesses, they claimed that they weren’t doing anything wrong because insurance companies would come in and save the day. The fact that these leftists had such faith in a capitalist institution would have been charming were it not for the fact that they were wrong. For most of those people whose livelihoods these little Marxists destroyed, there is no insurance coming to save the day.” – Andrea Widburg, “Rioters stupidly justified their damage by pointing to ‘insurance’.” – American Thinker, September 1st, 2020.

“California law, under Penal Code 463, defines ‘looting’ as taking advantage of a state of emergency to commit burglary, grand theft or petty theft, and those engaged in the act can be charged with a felony and serve up to three years in jail. But Becton, who is one of many radical district attorneys financially supported by George Soros, is attempting to circumvent the law by proposing preposterous charging guidelines for the crime. Becton says that when considering charging looters, law enforcement types should ask, ‘Was the theft committed for financial gain or personal need’.” – Eric Utter, “Looting a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society, California D.A. says” – American Thinker, September 1st, 2020.