Random Quotations – Racial Issues – September 7th, 2020

Eight items in total…

“There is one aspect of the demography question August Comte did not anticipate, and that is immigration. Immigration of the kind we have today – millions of aliens moving into already-settled territory, taking up residence or even citizenship – is a recent thing. It is not that people did not move about in the past. But up until just a few decades ago, if your people wanted to move into someone else’s territory, they would fight you. People did not willingly step aside and let large numbers of aliens settle on their land.” – Jared Taylor, “Demography is destiny” – American Renaissance, August 30, 2020 – originally posted in August, 2005.

“The question is: Are white Americans still capable of putting down their beers and mustering the strength to turn off the TV set long enough to rally for their race? Are they willing to stop listening to all the disinformation and garbage poured out daily into their brains, showing them how to think and act?” – Matt Koehl, “Real revolution” – National Vanguard, August 28th, 2020.

“Travelling across the Midwestern United States with his adoptive family, Lane finally settled in Aurora, Colorado, where he attended Aurora Central High School. Originally aspiring to become a golf professional, Lane worked as a real estate broker until his license was revoked because he ‘wouldn’t sell homes to coloreds in white neighborhoods’.” – From the Wikipedia entry for David Lane, author of “The Fourteen Words.”

“We have entered very dangerous times for Whites in America. The summer riots of 2020 carried out with the blessing of much of the Establishment and the entire left is a clear indication that the American racial experiment is careening toward disaster.” – William H. Regnery II, “Surviving the contemporary Black racial and White intra-racial conflict: Anti-millenarian Whites must seek political separation” – Occidental Observer, August 30th, 2020.

“Trump has been the primary figure of hate in these protests, his existence provoking the worst extremes from the Left. Trump is an almost singular aberration to the liberal norms of Conservatism Inc. Looking at the Never Trumpers – the ‘principled conservatives’ trying to ‘save the soul of the movement’ from anybody that articulated the interests of white people – it’s inaccurate to describe them as RINOs. They are the Republican Party, and Trump is the outlier.” – Oliver Williams, “Black Lives MAGA” – Unz Review, September 2nd, 2020.

“Fear is a powerful motivator. Wheeler says an inordinate fear of being envied is what drives liberals and those infected by the liberal mentality to go into an envy-appeasement mode. And the more pampered and well off they are, the more they grovel. They apologize for their sex if they are males, for their race if they’re white, for their religion if they’re Christian, for their country if they’re Americans, and even for Western Civilization. Fear of being envied by others is the fertile soil from which the weeds of white guilt take root and grow.” – Peter Skurkiss, “Here’s what’s behind white guilt” – American Thinker, September 2nd, 2020.

“This is different. Whites are important participants and even instigators. For the first time in American history, many whites are thinking – and acting – like aggrieved blacks… This is because millions of ordinary whites have crossed the color line and adopted the prevailing black view that whites are exclusively and personally responsible for the failures of blacks; that every white is implicated in a supremacist system that exploits blacks… Whites became rich through exploitation, and whites deserve our contempt. As whites adopted these views, they started thinking and acting like blacks.” – Jared Taylor, “Why America has gone mad” – Unz Review, September 1st, 2020.

“One of my good friends recently asked me how I had ‘gotten into racialism.’ I told him, and he replied by suggesting that racial differences stem from ‘economic’ differences. He believes that explicitly embracing White identity is ‘in poor taste.’ I replied that the incessant barrage of vitriol, rape, and murder that Whites are subjected to 24/7 is what is really ‘in poor taste,’ that ‘taste’ and ‘civility’ is exactly what got us where we are today. It is high time, indeed long past time, for Whites to practice the identity and grievance politics that ‘conservatives’ like David French and Rich Lowry so abhor. America is a White nation. There are no non-White Americans. We must speak out as Whites, for Whites, and Whites alone, consequences be damned. Soon, it will be too late.” – Basil Ransom, “Black lives do matter: They’re walking, talking redpills” – National Vanguard, August 28th, 2020.