Obituaries – September 9th, 2020

Nine items in total…

“…surrounded by family (in-person and online)…”

“(xxx) will be remembered for her love, kindness and her delicious curry.”

“…please bring your own mask… cheques only at the funeral home please.”

“Three year old grandson (xxx) misses making muffins with grandma.”

“Died gently, in Toronto… just five days after his beloved wife of over 70 years (xxx) died next to him.”

“She was very fortunate to have celebrated her 95th birthday with a family party in March, just days prior to the start of COVID lockdown…”

“In later years, she developed a love of the buffet at Mandarin, where she could enjoy whatever she wanted.”

“After a long and painful battle with cancer, (xxx) has ended her own life with the medical assistance in death (MAID) program.”

“(xxx) believed that anyone who passes from cancer would not want to be remembered as ‘losing.’ To her they haven’t lost. They fought the most hardest and bravest journey.”