Random Quotations – LGBTQ – September 15th, 2020

Seven items in total…

“So-called transgenderism is just another form of body dysmorphia (people’s feeling that their bodies do not align with their sense of self). It’s a tragic condition, and sufferers deserve sympathy. Nevertheless, in a functioning society, sympathy cannot transmute into a legal system that accepts delusions as reality. That’s why what’s happening in English and American courts is so dangerous.” – Andrea Widburg, “In Britain and America, judges are buying into transgender lies” – American Thinker, May 12th, 2020.

“Her debut collection, Disintegrate/Disassociate, appeared on Autostraddle’s list of ‘best queer books’ of 2019. Twist was a finalist for the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ Emerging Writers. Twist was also shortlisted for the Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature and claimed The Indigenous Artist Recognition Award from Arts Nova Scotia.” – Mia Cathell, “Toronto poetry slam charges white people admission, but is free for ‘black and indigenous folks’.” – The Post Millennial, September 11th, 2020.

“In Dr. Meriwether’s case, a letter of discipline was put in his file, indicating that he had treated the student ‘differently’ by not referring to him as ‘Miss’ and ‘she.’ Holy moly, Batman, this is a script only Rod Serling could have written! The fact is the professor didn’t treat the student differently; he was treated the same as others. It is the student who wanted to be treated differently from what the rest of humanity gets.” – Bob Weir, “The Twilight Zone world of ‘gender identification’.” – American Thinker, September 13th, 2020.

“A mother of three, Mrs Taylor said that the work, which was assigned over the internet while schools remained closed due to the novel coronavirus, raises questions over the academy’s claim to be a religious school, adding: ‘I know there will be other parents out there saying they need awareness but an 11-year-old should not know about [the topics raised in the exercise], they do not need to know about it’.” – Virginia Hale, “School apologises after 11-year-olds told to define transgender, ‘hardcore pornography’ as homework” – Breitbart, May 19th, 2020.

“Her employer empowered students to damage their teacher’s career and livelihood. It is the type of power which todays’ students are accustomed to wielding, much as the Red Guards routinely punished their teachers for ‘wrong thinking’ during the Cultural Revolution… Universities were once known as hives of critical thinking, intellectual engagement, and the advancement of knowledge. However, as postmodern ideas took root, certain types of knowledge have become verboten. One of the most taboo subjects is biological sex, and the social impact of being born female or male… The University did not give any reasons for dismissal, other than the fact an informal complaint had been received.” – Erin Perse, “University of Alberta fires anthropology professor for saying biological sex is real” – The Post Millennial, June 4th, 2020.

“Party Leader Travis Patron has been banned from his local library after he began forming a petition to discontinue publicly promoting LGBT… On Saturday, August 30th, a video emerged on social media of Patron advocating against ‘drag queen storytime at the library’… In response, the local librarian has stated that they are ‘intrigued at the idea’ of having a ‘queen scheduled to show up at the library’… The local authorities have informed Patron that he is not to visit the local library and that he is now effectively banned.” – Travis Patron, “Patron banned from library after petitioning to discontinue LGBT promotions – Canadian Nationalist Party, September 5th, 2020.
“Homosexuality is counter intuitive to the national continuity of our country. In 1971, Canada’s population was 96.3% European-descent. Today, that number now stands at a diminished 64%. Therefore, we must promote heterosexuality at the expense of homosexuality. We cannot expect to have future generations if we publicly endorse same-sex couples, as they are biologically incapable of having children.” – Extract from petition.