Heading Says It All – September 27th, 2020

Eight items in total…

“Trudeau’s foreign affairs minister has two mortgages with Bank of China” here.

“Trump to halt foreign visa worker programs to free up 600k U.S. jobs for Americans” here.

“Brooklyn College Education prof. claims math is White Supremacist patriarchy” here.

“ACLU: Decriminalization of sex work would provide greater equality to trans women of color” – here.

“BLM mob confront law enforcement outside of LA hospital where two cops are in critical condition” here.

“Woke ‘church’ posts pics of Jesus with makeup and boobs… Satan must be proud” here.

“Serbia and Kosovo agree to name disputed lake on their border Lake Trump” here.

“Hollywood not good enough? Meghan Markle reportedly now wants to be US president” here.