Random Quotations – October 12th, 2020

Five items in total…

“All 18 elected MPs, including Golden Dawn’s leader Nikos Michaloliakos, now face a minimum of 10 years in prison… Golden Dawn caused problems for the Greek government in 2012 when the party entered parliament with 7% of the vote amidst an economic crisis on an anti-immigration and anti-corruption platform… The decision to arrest Golden Dawn’s parliament members was made in 2013 by the conservative government of New Democracy, led by Antonis Samaras, who decided to make the highly controversial move shortly after a meeting with the World Jewish Congress and other American and European Jewish organizations” – Eric Striker, “Greek government convicts Nationalist Party’s elected officials of being a criminal organization over 2013 ‘Antifa’ member’s death” – Unz Review, October 7th, 2020.

“Healthy Whites who instinctively oppose the anti-White Establishment are being funneled by Jews and ‘alt right’ opportunists into worthless ‘civic nationalist’ conservatism. They need to be led instead to the uncompromising vision – of total racial victory and an eternal racial state – of the National Alliance.” – Kevin Alfred Strom, “Conservatism is for losers” – National Vanguard, October 10th, 2020.

“The speech itself was clearly written personally by (Prince) Charles, reproducing that treacly style in which he so often speaks, and larded with adoring praise of black immigration. How refreshing it would be if Charles, or any other member of his tribe, showed a moments understanding for those of us who face the loss of our homeland…” – Frederick Dixon, “It’s them again!” – Western Spring, October 10th, 2020.

“Baby Shark, the popular children’s song was reportedly used as a weapon by two now-former detention officers to torture inmates at the Oklahoma County Jail… The song was played ad nauseam in an attorney visitation room at the jail while the inmates’ hands were cuffed behind their backs and shackled to a wall.” – Eddie Chau, “Odds and Ends: ‘Baby Shark’ torture and other offbeat offerings” – Toronto Sun, October 10th, 2020.

“Contrary to how they are perceived by Leftists, conservatives are slow to embrace the idea of violence, or any sort of punitive measures against their opponents. Their Achilles heel, in fact, is commitment to ‘fair play’… As Trump Derangement Syndrome continued to spread, it was actually a healthy sign that more Republicans began to entertain the idea of using violence as a political tool… The Left began the violence, and they have now succeeded in pushing a whopping 36% of conservatives to approve of answering violence with violence.” – Jef Costello, “Yes, we are headed for violent civil war” – Unz Review, October 8th, 2020.