Random Quotations – Racial Issues – October 19th, 2020

Six items in total…

“Even if some elements in the political establishment were genuinely convinced of the need to fill these phantom labor shortages, government investigations into the new Afro-Caribbean population revealed that such notions were grossly misjudged. In one report, completed in December 1953, civil servants stated that the new Black population found it difficult to secure employment because the newcomers had ‘low output’ and their working life was marked by ‘irresponsibility, quarrelsomeness, and lack of discipline.’ Black women were ‘slow mentally,’ and Black men were ‘more volatile in temperament than white workers… more easily provoked to violence … lacking in stamina,’ and generally not up to the standards required by British employers’.” – Andrew Joyce, “Bad medicine: The sickening truth about Britain’s foreign doctors” – National Vanguard, September, 2017.

“Would Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, be willing to enforce even our current weak immigration laws, considering the fact that she defines herself as ‘a mother of two Black children’.”? – Kevin Alfred Strom, “Fighting for what is right: A conversation with Will Williams and David Duke, Part 1” – National Vanguard, October 17th, 2010.

“That we live in an age of grievance and victimhood is not news. But did these peoples – these Mexican-Americans, these Native Americans, these African-Americans – really lose more than they gained in their confrontation with the West? Were they robbed of nobility, and coarsened? Or did White subjugation force them to shed savagery and barbarousness, and bring them, however unwillingly, into civilized humanity?” – Kevin Beary, CODOH, “Life styles: Native and imposed” – June 1st, 1998.

“Our plan is to engage in collaborative dialogue with students, parents/guardians and staff as we work towards next steps in addressing and dismantling anti-Black racism in our schools… We recognize that we have a lot of work to do, and together with our stakeholders we are committed to moving our equity action plan forward in creating meaningful changes in our system.” – Extract from a statement by Durham’s Catholic School Board, quoted by Jillian Follert in “Students call for ‘cultural Black hair accessories’ to be allowed in Durham Catholic schools” – Oshawa This Week, October 15th, 2020.

“The belief that mass immigration is good for America arose during the early 20th century, when millions came from Europe and successfully integrated. At that time, illiterate immigrants were coming to a country that was itself largely illiterate, and people without education and skills could succeed. Now, success requires education and skills, so it is hard for illiterates to get ahead. The gap between native and immigrant incomes grows wider as time goes on… If we go to war with their countries of origin, immigrants are likely to fight for their homelands rather than the United States.” – Ian Jobling, “Fighting in the trenches” – American Renaissance, January 2005.

“The level of civilization that a people can develop and maintain is a function of the biological quality, the racial quality, of that people – in particular, of its problem-solving ability. That is why Blacks and certain other races never developed even a rudimentary civilization and are incapable of sustaining a civilization built for them by Whites – despite the apparent ‘brightness’ of many Blacks. And it is why the race which built Western Civilization not only must regain exclusive possession of its territories, but must also act quickly to change those policies and institutions which are causing an increasing percentage of those born to our own race to be problem-makers rather than problem-solvers.” – Bradford Hanson, “The roots of civilization” – National Vanguard – September 10th, 2020.